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Authors: Eduard Hryha, Eva Dudrová
Abstract:To study of the sintering behaviour of the Fe-0.8Mn-0.5C powder system the cylindrical specimens with a density of ~7.0 g/cc were sintered...
Authors: Taek Kyun Jung, T.J. Sung, Mok Soon Kim, Won Yong Kim
Abstract:Al-8Fe-2Mo-2V-1Zr alloy powders were prepared by gas atomization and melt spinning method. In melt spinning technique, melt spun ribbons...
Authors: J.S. Kim, I.T.H. Chang, C. Lucien Falticeanu, G.J. Davies, Kyle Jiang
Abstract:A new approach is explored to achieve sintered aluminium alloy from metallic powder mixtures without compression or adding Mg. In this...
Authors: R. Cook, I.T.H. Chang, C. Lucien Falticeanu
Abstract:P/M aluminium components are attracting interest in an increasing variety of industries due to the possibilities for weight saving in...
Authors: Masuo Hagiwara, Satoshi Emura
Abstract:Titanium alloys and Titanium alloy-based particulate composites were synthesized using the blended elemental P/M route. First, processing...
Authors: Terukazu Tokuoka, Toshihiko Kaji, Takao Nishioka
Abstract:We successfully developed Al -Si -Transition Metal (TM) -Rare Earth (RE) Powder Metallurgy (P/M) alloy with fine microstructure, which has...
Authors: Gang Li, Xing Xing Liu, Qi Guo, Jian Ren Tang, Biao Yan
Abstract:Study about the feasibility and effect of high-energy ball milling on a specific Mg alloy under protection medium of alcohol was presented...
Authors: Adem Kurt, Ilyas Uygur, Hakan Ates
Abstract:Friction stir welding technique (FSW) has many advantages in terms of tool design, rotational speed and traveling speed, and can be adjusted...
Authors: Taek Soo Kim, H.J. Chae, J.K. Lee, Ha Guk Jeong, Young Do Kim, Jung Chan Bae
Abstract:MgZn4.3Y0.7 alloy powders were prepared using an industrial scale gas atomizer, followed by warm extrusion. The powders were almost...
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