Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E.M. Ruiz-Navas, M.L. Delgado, S. Benito Gonázles, Elena Gordo

Abstract: The increasing demand of PM parts for automobile and aerospace applications has caused a strong development of the aluminium based metal...

Authors: Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Anna Włodarczyk-Fligier, Marcin Adamiak

Abstract: Investigation results of the heat treatment effect on the corrosion resistance of the EN AW-AlCu4Mg1 (A) aluminium alloy base composite...

Authors: Kyung Ho Min, Si Young Chang, Deok Soo Kim, Ji Soon Kim, Young Do Kim

Abstract: The aging behavior of sintered Al composites with various ceramic contents was investigated. 2xxx series blended powder was used as the...

Authors: Hendrik Weidmueller, Thomas Weissgaerber, Thomas Hutsch, R. Huenert, T. Schmitt, K. Mauthner, J. Schulz-Harder

Abstract: Electronic packaging involves interconnecting, powering, protecting, and cooling of semiconductor circuits for the use in a variety of...

Authors: Young Ik Seo, Kyung Ho Min, Kyu Hwan Lee, Young Do Kim

Abstract: Mechanical properties of 7xxx series Al metal matrix composite (MMC) powders containing different amounts of ceramic were investigated. The...

Authors: A. Hosseini Monnazah, Abdolreza Simchi, S.M. Seyed Reihani

Abstract: The creep behavior of particulate Al-5vol.% SiC composite was investigated. The composite powder was produced by mechanical milling and hot...

Authors: Chih Feng Hsu, Pee Yew Lee

Abstract: The preparation of Ti50Cu28Ni15Sn7 metallic glass composite powders was accomplished by the mechanical alloying of a pure Ti, Cu, Ni, Sn...

Authors: Yusuf Ozcatalbas, Ersin Bahceci, Mehmet Turker

Abstract: In this study, aluminum-based composites reinforced with various amounts of α-Si3N4 were produced by powder metallurgy (P/M). The...

Authors: Qi Guo, Gang Li, Jian Ren Tang, Biao Yan

Abstract: The composite used in this paper was prepared by hot-pressing ball-milled Mg alloy powders, in which NiTi shape memory alloy fibers in a...

Authors: Hyung Sik Chung, Ryun Min Heo, Moon Tae Kim, Jae Hwan Ahn

Abstract: Sintered composites of Al-8wt%Cu-10vol%SiCp were deformed by repressing or equal channel angular pressing(ECAP) at room temperature, 500°C...


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