Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Myung Jin Suk, Won Sik Seo, Young Soon Kwon

Abstract: Feasibility of producing porous gradient structure by spark plasma sintering (SPS) process was examined. Adequate combination of porosity...

Authors: Yong Sik Chu, Chun Woo Kwon, Jong Kyu Lee, Kwang Bo Shim

Abstract: agents. The glass abrasive sludges were mixed with expanding agents and compacted into pellets. These pellets were sintered in the range of...

Authors: Hai Yan Liu, Hui Ping Tang, Cheng Li, Yuan Ping Huang, Boyun Huang, Yong Liu

Abstract: The low-cycle fatigue performance and fracture of the P/M Ti-Fe-Mo-Al-Nd Alloys after sintering and forging have been studied, and the...

Authors: Yasuo Yamada, Yun Cang Li, Takumi Banno, Zhen Kai Xie, Cui E Wen

Abstract: Micro-porous nickel (Ni) with an open cell structure was fabricated by a special powder metallurgical process, which includes the adding of...

Authors: Kazuaki Nishiyabu, Satoru Matsuzaki, Shigeo Tanaka

Abstract: A novel production method for porous metal components has been developed by applying powder space holder (PSH) method to metal powder...

Authors: Qiang Bing Wang, Hui Ping Tang, Qian Cheng Zhang, Qun Feng Qiu, Jan Yong Wang

Abstract: The primary aim pursued by the preparation of the separation membrane is to make the membrane thinner as well as have no defects. The...

Authors: Young Wook Kim, Doo Hee Jang, Jung Hye Eom, In Hyuck Song, Hai Doo Kim

Abstract: Processing techniques for producing microcellular silicon carbide, mullite, and cordierite ceramics with cell densities greater than 108...

Authors: Takashi Onishi, Kazuomi Azuma, Tadashi Ogasawara

Abstract: Gas atomization furnace, Sumitomo Titanium Corporation originally designed, has been producing spherical and high quality Titanium fine...

Authors: Toru Shimizu, Kotaro Hanada, Satoru Adachi, Masahito Katoh, Kanichi Hatsukano, Kunio Matsuzaki

Abstract: Stainless steel sludge is generated as a waste in the grinding process, and the possibility of recycling stainless steel is considered...

Authors: Yi Xing, Xing Kuang, Fan Wang, Chun Jiang Kuang, Yu Cheng Fang

Abstract: Hot gas filtration and purification is widely applied in many industrial fields, such as in power generation industry, chemical and...


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