Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sang Heon Lee

Abstract: Magnetic characteristics observed in BiSrCaCuO superconductor were studied. In the measurement of differential conductance, it was cleared...

Authors: Rajat Kanti Paul, Chi Woo Lee, Hai Doo Kim, Byong Taek Lee

Abstract: Using 6wt%Y2O3-2wt%Al2O3 as sintering additives and Si as a raw powder, the continuously porous in-situ Si2N2O-Si3N4 bodies were fabricated...

Authors: A. Kaygorodov, Chang Kyu Rhee, Wheung Whoe Kim, Victor Ivanov, S. Paranin, A. Spirin, Vladimir Khrustov

Abstract: By means of magnetic pulsed compaction and sintering of weakly aggregated alumina based nanopowders the jet forming nozzle samples for...

Authors: Rong Tu, Wenjun Li, Takashi Goto

Abstract: The TiC-TiB2-SiC system was a ternary eutectic, whose eutectic composition was 34TiC-22TiB2-44SiC (mol%). A TiC-TiB2-SiC ternary eutectic...

Authors: Sung Jin Hong, Deug Joong Kim

Abstract: Polymer derived ceramic composites have been developed for SOFC seals. The formation and properties of the ceramic composite derived from a...

Authors: Jae Sung Park, Young Ho Han

Abstract: The Powder characteristics and sintering behavior of SiO2 coated BaTiO3 were studied. BaTiO3 powders were synthesized by the liquid mix...

Authors: Atsushi Fujita, Hiroaki Matsushita, Akinori Katsui

Abstract: Lanthanide tantalite LnTaO4 (Ln= La, Nd, Sm, Dy, Er and Tm) was synthesized by a solid state reaction between mixed powders of Ln2O3...

Authors: Supawan Kasuriya, Parjaree Thavorniti

Abstract: Silicon nitride - silicon carbide composite was developed by using an abrasive SiC powders as a raw material. The composites were prepared...

Authors: Junichi Matsushita, Kenji Shimao, Yoshiyuki Machida, Takumi Takao, Kiyokata Iizumi, Yutaka Sawada, Kwang Bo Shim

Abstract: Several boride sintered bodies such as TiB2, ZrB2, and SiB6 were previously reported. In the present study, the sinterability and physical...

Authors: Yuhsuke Takahashi, Hiroaki Matsushita, Akinori Katsui

Abstract: The preparation of single-phase CuLaO2 with delafossite-type structure by means of the solid-state reaction method was investigated using...


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