Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Janusz Konstanty, Tai Woong Kim, Sang Beom Kim

Abstract: Metal-bonded diamond impregnated tools are being increasingly used in the processing of natural stone, sawing and drilling concrete and...

Authors: Andrzej Romanski

Abstract: The kinetics of sintering of Co-Fe materials was studied. The main objective of the work was to establish the effects of iron content and...

Authors: James C. Sung, Ming Chi Kan

Abstract: Kinik Company pioneered diamond pad conditioners protected by DLC barrier (DiaShield® Coating) back in 1999 (Sung & Lin, US Patent...

Authors: James C. Sung, Shao Chung Hu, Yen Shuo Chang

Abstract: Diamond grits in tools are typically held in a sintered matrix of metal powder (e.g. Co). The bonding between diamond and the matrix is...

Authors: James C. Sung, Shao Chung Hu, I Chiao Lin, Chia Cheng Tsai

Abstract: Diamond grits synthesized under ultrahigh pressure have been commercially manufactured since 1957. Most of the diamond grits are for sawing...

Authors: Wolfgang Tillmann, Miriam Gathen, Christian Kronholz

Abstract: Due to their better mechanical and physical properties diamond tools have largely replaced cemented carbide tools for machining of mineral...

Authors: Hoo Soon Im, Jah Mahn Hur, Wan Jae Lee

Abstract: The dry-milling technique was used for mixing and crushing oxides and graphite powder to get homogeneous mixed powders. The weight ratio of...

Authors: Koji Shimojima, Hiroyuki Hosokawa, Takeshi Nakajima, Masahiko Mizukami, Yoshiharu Yamamoto

Abstract: In this paper, we show some experimental results of binder-free WC sintered by Pulsed Electric Current Sintering (PECS) also known as Field...

Authors: Koro Hirata, Kengo Iwanaga, Yuji Yamasaki, Kenichi Takagi

Abstract: Injection molding of corrosive super engineering plastics and engineering plastics with various fillers is conducted under severe...

Authors: Akthar Farid, Shi Ju Guo, Jawad Ali Shah, Pei Zhong Feng

Abstract: Particulate TiC reinforced 465 maraging stainless steel matrix Cermets were processed by conventional P/M. The binder phase was added in...


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