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Authors: Nan Yan Gong, Ya Fei Ouyang
Abstract:One append way of liquid state inhibitor was investigated, which putting V, Cr into W-Co composite solutions in the form of ionization....
Authors: Woon Hyung Baek, Eun Pyo Kim, Heung Sub Song, Moon Hee Hong, Seong Lee, Young Moo Kim, Sung Ho Lee, Joon Woong Noh, Joo Ha Ryu
Abstract:A new tungsten heavy alloy with hybrid structure was manufactured for the kinetic energy penetrator. The tungsten heavy alloy is composed of...
Authors: Gil Su Kim, Dae Gun Kim, Sung Tag Oh, Myung Jin Suk, Young Do Kim
Abstract:The effect of Cu on the hydrogen reduction of molybdenum oxide powders was investigated by measuring the humidity change during a...
Authors: Moon Hee Hong, Jae Ho Choi, Seong Lee, Eun Pyo Kim, Joon Woong Noh, Sung Ho Lee, Young Moo Kim
Abstract:An infiltration technique using W-Cu composite powder has been developed to enhance microstructural uniformity of W-Cu pseudo-alloy. W-Cu...
Authors: Jing Lian Fan, Hui Chao Cheng, Bo Yun Huang, Tao Liu, Deng Long Wang
Abstract:In this paper, the microstructure and mechanical properties of yttrium oxide dispersed 90W-7Ni-3Fe alloy were studied. The 90W-7Ni-3Fe...
Authors: Lin Wang, Yuan Jun Sun, Jian Hai Luo, Yon Gan Zhu, Ping Wen Niu
Abstract:Lanthanum oxide was introduced to molybdenum powder by liquid-liquid doping and liquid-solid doping respectively. Mo alloys were prepared by...
Authors: Bernd Fischer, Manuel Beschliesser, Andreas Hoffmann, Stefan Vorberg
Abstract:Driven by the unavailibility of commercial test equipment for tensile and creep testing at temperatures up to 3000°C a measuring system has...
Authors: Kuan Hong Lin, Chen Siang Hsu, De Xing Wang
Authors: Y. Choi, Yong Seog Kim
Abstract:Tungsten-molydiside WxMo1-xSi2 was synthesized by self-propagating high temperature synthesis. The SHS product with the initial composition...
Authors: Hui Ping Tang, Ji Chang Liao, Ji Lei Zhu
Abstract:In recent years, the research in porous metal got rapid development in China, especial in Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research...
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