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Authors: Ke Zhang, Ge Chang Chun
Abstract:This paper describes the preparation of tungsten powder and the various types of tungsten alloys and their application.
Authors: Pei Zhong Feng, Xuan Hui Qu, Xiao Hong Wang, Akthar Farid
Abstract:The oxidation of (W,Mo)Si2 powders has been examined at 400, 500 and 600°C for 12.0 hours in air. It was shown that the low temperature...
Authors: Woei Shyan Lee, Tien Yin Chan
Abstract:The effects of the content of molybdenum on the dynamic properties of tungsten heavy alloys were investigated.Increase in mechanical...
Authors: Wei Lu, Biao Yan
Abstract:Microstructure and soft magnetic properties of bulk amorphous and/or nanocrystalline Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9(Finemet) alloys prepared by...
Authors: Y. Choi, Nam Ihn Cho
Abstract:Titinium carbide (TiCx) was produced by self-propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) method. The morphology and non-stoichiometric...
Authors: Hiroshi Yamamoto, Hiroaki Nishio, Yoshihito Sawayama
Abstract:Experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of Ba Stearate as a reducing agent on the magnetic and physical properties of...
Authors: Dominika Gaworska, Simon N.B. Hodgson, Jarosław Koniarek, Bogumil Weglinski
Abstract:In the paper, the influence of different particle size D: D>125m, D<50m and between on magnetic properties of a standardized...
Authors: Satoshi Takemoto, Takanobu Saito
Abstract:Core loss of soft magnetic powder cores have been focused on to achieve high efficiency of power supplies. In this study the effects of...
Authors: Katsuhiko Mori, Ryoji Nakayama, Kinji Kanagawa
Abstract:A high-speed motor and a DC brush-less motor for factory automation (FA) were made to investigate the applicability of the powder magnetic...
Authors: Tae Kyung Lee, Gu Hyun Kim, Gwang Bo Choi, In Bum Jeong, Kwang Youn Kim, Pyung Woo Jang
Abstract:Eventhough Fe-6.5 wt.% Si alloy shows excellent magnetic properties, magnetic components made of the alloy with the composition are not...
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