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Authors: Chen Guang Lin, Guan Sen Yuan
Abstract:Nano-grained WC-10Co hardmetal can be made by doping a new invented VC-based multi-grain-growth-inhibitor and suitable technical processing....
Authors: Jüri Pirso, Mart Viljus, Sergej Letunovits, Kristjan Juhani
Abstract:Cr-C-Ni composites were synthesized in situ from elemental powders of Cr, Ni and C by high energy milling followed by reactive sintering....
Authors: Aurelie Delanoë, Sabine Lay, J.M. Missiaen
Abstract:This paper presents a detailed study of large grains carried out by transmission electron microscopy in two WC-Co alloys, one W rich and the...
Authors: Susanne Norgren, Alexandra Kusoffsky, Mattias Elfwing, Anders Eriksson
Authors: Jakob Kübarsepp, H. Klaasen, Fjodor Sergejev
Abstract:The present study describes the wear and mechanical behaviour of some carbide composites (TiC-base cermets and WC-base hardmetals) in cyclic...
Authors: Wang She Quan, Chen Li, Yin Fei, Li Jia
Abstract:Magnetron sputtered TiN, (Ti, Al)N and TiN/(Ti, Al)N multilayer coatings grown on cemented carbide substrates have been characterized by...
Authors: Li Hui Zhu, Guang Jie Shao, Yi Xiong Liu, Dave Siddle
Abstract:WC-10Co-0.8VC nanocrystalline powders were sintered by spark plasma sintering (SPS) and hot pressing sintering (HPS), and the microstructure...
Authors: Geun Woo Park, Hyuck Sang Kwon
Abstract:Multilayered coatings on tungsten carbide cutting tools are widely used for enhancing cutting performance. In this paper, we review the CVD...
Authors: Dong Kyu Park, Kwang Chul Jung, Jin Chun Kim, Sung Yeal Bae, In Sup Ahn
Abstract:To improve the fracture strength and wear resistance of WC-Co cemented carbide, various technologies have been developed related producing...
Authors: Dong Gil Ahn, Kern Woo Lee, Joo Wan Lee, Moshe Sharon
Abstract:The effects of substrate surface treatment on TiAlN PVD coating on submicron cemented carbide was investigated. Surface roughness and...
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