Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sun Yong Ahn, H. Kim, Shin Hoo Kang

Abstract: The effect of WC or NbC addition on various properties of Ti(C0.7N0.3)-Ni cermets was investigated. The microstructure of...

Authors: Lauri Kollo, Jüri Pirso, Kristjan Juhani

Abstract: The present work is a study on the argon gas pressure effects of Sinter/HIP sintering on microstructure and strength of different grades of...

Authors: Hiroki Tanaka, Shigeki Mouri, Kenji Nakahara, Hideaki Sano, Guo Bin Zheng, Yasuo Uchiyama

Abstract: The effect of TiC content on oxidation behavior of the sintered WC-TiC-TaC alloys with 2 mass% TaC and different TiC amount of 3-45 mass%...

Authors: Hoo Soon Im, Jah Mahn Hur, Wan Jae Lee

Abstract: Nano-sized WC particles in WC/Co composite powders were synthesized by mechanochemical method. The raw powders(WO3, Co3O4, VC, Cr3C2 and...

Authors: Evgeny Grigoriev, Alexander Rosliakov

Abstract: In the present paper, the formation of high hardness and large strength structure of WCCo composite material containing particles of...

Authors: Dong Ryoul Lee, Wan Jae Lee

Abstract: Direct reduction and carburization process was thought one of the best methods to make nano-sized WC powder. The oxide powders were mixed...

Authors: Jong Dae Kim, Kern Woo Lee, Joo Wan Lee, Moshe Sharon, Suk Joong L. Kang

Abstract: Twinned WC grains are sometimes observed in WC powder and sintered WC-Co alloys. The present investigation has studied the formation of...

Authors: Hiroyuki Hosokawa, Takeshi Nakajima, Koji Shimojima

Abstract: To investigate sliding friction and wear behaviors of WC–Co/WC–Co pairs containing different WC grain sizes, the ball-on-disc test in air...

Authors: Sun Yong Park, Wan Jae Lee

Abstract: To improve the mechanical properties of WC-Co cemented carbides, a dual composite was studied. The compositions of granule and matrix were...

Authors: Takeshi Nakajima, Hiroyuki Hosokawa, Koji Shimojima

Abstract: The behavior of hardmetals under cyclic loads is investigated. Unnotched specimens were employed to obtain practical information regarding...


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