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Authors: O.I. Lomovsky, Vjacheslav I. Mali, Dina V. Dudina, M.A. Korchagin, Dae Hwan Kwon, Ji Soon Kim, Young Soon Kwon
Abstract:TiB2-Cu composites in a nanostructured state are candidates for high-strength conductive and erosion-resistant materials. In this work, we...
Authors: Sten Pierre Millot
Authors: Tungwai Leo Ngai, Zhi Yu Xiao, Yuan Biao Wu, Yuan Yuan Li
Abstract:Conventional powder metallurgy processing can produce copper green compacts with density less than 8.3 g/cm3 (a relative density of 93%)....
Authors: Seong Yong Park, Tae Won Yoon, Chung Ho Lee, In Bum Jeong, Sang Hoon Hyun
Abstract:Conductive pastes have drawn significant interest due to their advantageous physical properties as well as their potential in electronic...
Authors: Dong Hui Yang, Sang Youl Kim, Bo Young Hur
Abstract:In this paper, the whole temperature programmed decomposition (TPD) spectrum of titanium hydride was acquired by the special designed...
Authors: Xin Wen Zhu, Yoshio Sakka, Shou Hong Tan, Dong Liang Jiang
Abstract:This work will report the deformation behavior of silicon carbide reticulated porous ceramics (SiC RPCs) under three-point bend test. SiC...
Authors: Sang Youl Kim, Norbert Babcsán, Duck Kyu Ahn, Yeong Hwan Song, Bo Young Hur
Abstract:Metal foams are not easy to use as materials as their manufacturing process involves all three, solid, liquid and gaseous phases occurring...
Authors: Yu Cheng Fang, H. Wang, Yong Zhou, Chun Jiang Kuang
Abstract:Porous metal materials have been widely used in various industrial fields in the world. This paper describes the recent research...
Authors: Moslem Etaat, Mohammad Ghambari, Mojtaba Naserian Riabi
Abstract:Plating of the sintered components has some problems due to interconnected porosities in those parts. In this research, iron-based sintered...
Authors: Tien Yin Chan, De Xing Wang, Hua Jun Chang, Chia Liang Chen
Abstract:Defects of components as a result of entrapped gases during an injection process could be minimized with the utilization of a gas-permeable...
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