Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pierre Marie Geffroy, Jean François Silvain, Thierry Chartier

Abstract: During the last decade, the use of metal matrix composites (MMCs) materials such as Al/SiC or CuW for microelectronic devices have made...

Authors: Sung Tag Oh, Young Do Kim, Jeong Keun Lee

Abstract: The microstructure and mechanical property of hot-pressed Al2O3/Cu nanocomposites with a different temperature for atmosphere changing from...

Authors: Junichi Yuuki, Hansang Kwon, Akira Kawasaki, Akira Magario, Toru Noguchi, Junichi Beppu, Masayuki Seki

Abstract: This paper describes a fabrication process of Al/CNT composites and investigated their mechanical properties. CNT is a very useful...

Authors: Swapan Kumar Sarkar, Min Ho Youn, Ik Hyun Oh, Byong Taek Lee

Abstract: Carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced hydroxyapatite (HAp) composites were fabricated by using the spark plasma sintering process with...

Authors: Hamed Asgharzadeh, Abdolreza Simchi

Abstract: In the present work, hot workability of particulate-reinforced Al6061-20%SiC composite produced by direct hot extrusion technique was...

Authors: Zoltán Gácsi, C. Hakan Gür, Andrea Makszimus, Tadeusz Pieczonka

Abstract: The type, volume fraction, size, shape and arrangement of embedded particles influence the mechanical properties of the particle reinforced...

Authors: H. Hanado, Yutaka Hiraoka, Takeshi Inoue, N. Akiyoshi

Abstract: Bend tests were performed at temperatures between 273 and 363 K for W-19vol%Cu, W-22vol%Ag and W-19vol%(BAg-8) composites. Yield and/or...

Authors: Ferenc Kretz, Zoltán Gácsi, C. Hakan Gür

Abstract: This paper presents a new approach for analyzing the microstructure of SiCp-reinforced aluminum matrix composites from digital images....

Authors: Zhi Yu Xiao, Tungwai Leo Ngai, Li Pin Wen, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: A 15 wt.% NbC particulate reinforced iron-based composite was prepared by using warm compaction PM technique. It possesses a high relative...

Authors: Jae Ho Han, Sang Whan Park, Young Do Kim

Abstract: Boron carbide is a very hard material with high abrasive wear resistance. It requires a very high sintering temperature of above 2200 oC to...


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