Eco-Materials Processing and Design VIII

Volumes 544-545

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Hwan Kim, Il Ho Kim, K.T. Kim, Seung Y. Shin, S.I. Kwun

Abstract: The phases formed in the wide-gap region brazed with BNi-3 filler metal powder in IN738 superalloy were investigated by electron...

Authors: J.H. Hong, Seung Ho Ahn, Jung Gu Kim

Abstract: Multilayered coatings of WC-Ti and WC-Ti1-xAlxN were deposited to form a wear- and corrosion-resistant surface. The cathodic arc deposition...

Authors: Soo Han Park, Hwan Goo Seong, Yeong Hwan Song, Chang Hwan Seo, Zulkifli, Bo Young Hur

Abstract: Al-Mg alloy foams containing different Mg contents were synthesized via a conventional melt foaming method. The surface structures of pores...

Authors: G.C. Jeong, Il Ho Kim, S.I. Kwun

Abstract: In order to enhance the corrosion and wear resistance of the STVAX alloy, the CrN film has been deposited by UBM(unbalanced magnetron)...

Authors: Dong In Jang, Young Ok Yoon, Hyung Ho Jo, Shae K. Kim

Abstract: Thixoextrusion, one of the thixoforming processes, has advantages of high productivity, reduction of the extrusion pressure and cost saving...

Authors: Soo Wohn Lee, Daniel G. Carrillo, D.K. Kang, Joaquín Lira-Olivares

Abstract: The brittleness of ceramics has been their weak spot when considering them for total hip replacements. There are several situations from...

Authors: Kyung Hun Jang, Bum Rae Cho

Abstract: The effect of CaO, MgO and SiO2 as a flux on the sinterability of zirconia toughened alumina(ZTA) used for plasma reactors was investigated...

Authors: Gue Serb Cho, Kang Rae Lee, Kyeong Hwan Choe, Kyong Whoan Lee, Ki Young Kim

Abstract: We focused on the surface reinforcement of ligth weight casting alloys with Ni3Al intermetallic compounds by in-situ combustion reaction to...

Authors: Y. Lu, J.H. Lee, Y. Zh. He

Abstract: Homogeneous Cop/Cu coating alloys were fabricated by laser cladding rapid solidification technique and their microstructures were...

Authors: Hai Yun Jin, Guan Jun Qiao, Ji Qiang Gao

Abstract: The SiC/h-BN ceramic composites with different h-BN size were fabricated by Plasma Active Sintering (PAS) method. For the SiC/ nano-sized...


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