Eco-Materials Processing and Design VIII

Volumes 544-545

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Joo Ho Lee, Jung Il Lee, Young Ho Kim, Il Ho Kim, Kyung Wook Jang, Soon Chul Ur, Han Cheol Choe, Gon Seung Yang

Abstract: The Arc melting technique was employed to synthesize the type I clathrate of Ba8Al16Si30 compound. Phase transformations during synthesis...

Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Joong Hwan Jun, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung

Abstract: Two-step isothermal heating and conventional one-step heating processes were used to produce the semi-solid slurry of Mg-5%Zn-0.5%Zr alloys...

Authors: Xin Sheng Huang, Kazutaka Suzuki, Akira Watazu, Ichinori Shigematsu, Naobumi Saito

Abstract: A DSR processing with a roll speed ratio of 1.08 was carried out on an AZ31 alloys with Mn additions of 0, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6 wt.% for...

Authors: Bin Wang, Zhi Hao Jin, Zhe Ming Qiu, An Hua Liu

Abstract: The role of the basic factors in the wet fiber winding process was investigated from the point of view of the actual wet-wound parameters...

Authors: Seong Jong Kim, Jeong Il Kim

Abstract: We studied the effects of solution RPM, bath temperature, and time in anodizing AZ91 under a constant current density of 750 mA/cm2 in a 1...

Authors: Hyeon Taek Son, Jae Seol Lee, Young Kyun Kim, Ik Hyun Oh, Kyosuke Yoshimi, Kouichi Maruyama

Abstract: As samarium addition was increased, α- Mg matrix morphology was changed from dendritic to equiaxed grains and average value of grain size...

Authors: Sang Woo Kim, Sung Jae Lee

Abstract: In order to achieve effectively high electromagnetic absorption in the radio frequency for the application of the electromagnetic absorber,...

Authors: Sang Heon Lee

Abstract: Effects of Ag2O doping on the electromagnetic properties in the BiSrCaCuO superconductors. The electromagnetic properties of Ag2O doped and...

Authors: Moon Kyu Lee, Kui Won Choi, Tae Soo Lee, H.N. Lim

Abstract: The indentation test has been in the spotlight due to easy and non-destructive testing characteristics. However, there are little studies...

Authors: Whan Gi Kim, Soon Chul Ur, Y.G. Lee, Young Jig Kim, Tae Whan Hong

Abstract: In order to fabricate high efficiency, light-weight hydrogen storage materials in an economical way, we have been made to propose a new...


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