Eco-Materials Processing and Design VIII

Volumes 544-545

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sung Yong Shim, Hwan Goo Seong, Jin Ho Jeong, Su Gun Lim

Abstract: The influence of angles of inclined cooling plate on cast structure and mechanical properties of cast iron was investigated experimentally...

Authors: B.S. Oh, S.Y. Park, Y.J. Jung, K.W. Baek, T.M. Hwang, Kyoo Sung Cho, J.W. Kang

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the application of electrochemical technology in relation to the electrolysis of water in specific...

Authors: Ji Hoon Kim, Kil Sung Lee, In Young Yang

Abstract: The strength members, such as front-end side members, are subjected to axial compressive and bending load during collision. Therefore, it...

Authors: Jin Woo Kim, Dong Gi Lee

Abstract: The fiber reinforced composites has high specific strength and stiffness than metallic material and are an anisotropic material whose...

Authors: Tae Hyun Nam, Hyun Gon Kim, Ju Young Choi, Jung Moo Lee, Suk Bong Kang, Cha Yong Lim

Abstract: Deformation behavior of temperature gradient anneal(TGA) treated Ti-50.0Ni(at%) alloys were investigated by means of thermal cycling tests...

Authors: Hao Du, Chao Sun, Jun Gong, Soo Wohn Lee

Abstract: A WC-Co coating with self-lubricating property was deposited by detonation gun (D-gun) process, using a WC-Co powder doped with a MoS2-Ni...

Authors: Y.S. Shin, Young Sup Lee, C.H. Lee

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to introduce and discuss flux laminated strip. Flux laminated strip can be used for air atmosphere brazing....

Authors: Hye Jin Lee, Nak Kyu Lee, Seo Gou Choi

Abstract: The existing forming press uses a hydraulic actuator and high powered mechanical actuator, therefore occupying a large space because of its...

Authors: Z. X. Yang, Jeong Bae Yoon, J.O. Kim, Kyu Hong Hwang, B.S. Jun, J.B. Lee, M.C. Kim

Abstract: Porous concretes with continuous voids have been gaining more interest as an ecological material because of their useful functions such as...

Authors: Man Soon Yoon, Il Ho Kim, Soon Chul Ur

Abstract: Processing and properties of a dome-shaped piezoelectric transformer with a composition of...


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