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Authors: Hiroshi Kawasaki, Somei Ohnuki, Takanori Suda, Naoyuki Hashimoto, Yoshitsugu Kojima

Abstract: NaAlH4 has a theoretical hydrogen capacity of 5.6 wt. % with two-step reaction, and the control of the reaction temperature and...

Authors: Huai Yu Shao, Kohta Asano, Hirotoshi Enoki, Etsuo Akiba

Abstract: Mg-Ni-B system alloys were prepared by the mechanical alloying (MA) method. Body centered cubic (BCC) structure alloys are obtained in some...

Authors: K. Tanaka, T. Miwa, K. Morishita, Katsuhiro Sasaki, Kotaro Kuroda

Abstract: The structure of melt-spun and crystallized Mg-10%Ni and Mg-10%Ni-5%La alloys is studied using HRTEM, coupled with ED and EELS techniques,...

Authors: A.N. Lasseigne-Jackson, A. Zamarron, I. Ashraf, Brajendra Mishra, D.L. Olson

Abstract: Thermoelectric power has demonstrated a capability for rapid hydrogen assessment and can achieve the equivalent of the...

Authors: Hayao Imamura, Kazuki Yoshihara, Mika Yoo, Ichiro Kitazawa, Yoshihisa Sakata, Shinji Ooshima, Takeshi Kataoka

Abstract: The hydrogen desorption of Sn/MgH2 nanocomposite which is formed by ball milling of MgH2 and tin compounds (Sn, Sn(C4H9)4 or SnCl2), has...

Authors: Reed Ayers, Virginia Ferguson, Denise Belk, John J. Moore

Abstract: Porous equiatomic Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) is a strong candidate material for bone engineering applications because its mechanical properties...

Authors: M. Alizadeh, H. Khorsand, Ali Shokuhfar

Abstract: The mechanical properties of sintered timing wheel in contact with chain wheels were analysed using Finite Element Methods (FEM), in which...

Authors: Yoshitaka Iwabuchi, Isao Kobayashi

Abstract: This research article describes the newly developed composite material using the artificial pellets made of incineration ashes and recycled...

Authors: Masataka Hakamada, Mamoru Mabuchi

Abstract: Nanoporous gold was fabricated by dealloying and their pore characteristics were further modified by thermal or acid treatment. The...

Authors: Masataka Hakamada, Yuuki Asao, Tetsumune Kuromura, You Qing Chen, Hiromu Kusuda, Mamoru Mabuchi

Abstract: Porous copper specimens with relative densities of 0.22–0.96 were produced by spacer method and their compressive properties were...


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