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Authors: M. Reigel, C. Donohoue, Douglas Burkes, John J. Moore, J.R. Kennedy

Abstract: Self-propagating high temperature (combustion) synthesis (SHS) is being used to develop several synthesis and processing routes for the...

Authors: Li Yang, Xiao Tao Zu, H.Y. Xiao, Fei Gao, X.Y. Wang, Ke Zhao Liu

Abstract: Molecular dynamics (MD) methods are utilized to study the displacement cascades in α-Fe containing different concentrations of...

Authors: Ming Hui Song, Xing Jian Guo, Nobuhiro Ishikawa, Masaki Takeguchi, Kazutaka Mitsuishi, Kazuo Furuya

Abstract: SrTiO3 crystals were implanted with 100 keV xenon (Xe+) ions at 673 or 1073 K up to 2.0 × 1020 ions m−2. Defect clusters formed in the...

Authors: Manuel A. Pouchon, Jia Chao Chen, Claude Degueldre, Annick Froideval, Hermann Emerich, Wouter Van Beek

Abstract: The commercial material PM2000 is investigated as a representative for the material class of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) steels....

Authors: Yasunari Shinohara, Hiroaki Abe, Toshiya Kido, Takeo Iwai, Naoto Sekimura

Abstract: The formation of hydrides in zirconium alloy has been one of the essential matters of discussion to maintain mechanical strength of nuclear...

Authors: Naoyuki Hashimoto, T.S. Byun

Abstract: The effects of neutron-irradiation near 80°C on the deformation behavior of hexagonal close packed (hcp) materials, zirconium and...

Authors: Ryuta Kasada, Hang Sik Cho, Naoyuki Okuda, Akihiko Kimura

Abstract: Effects of neutron irradiation and thermal aging on the tensile properties and Charpy impact properties of oxide dispersion strengthened...

Authors: Wei Zhi Yao, Shu Xiang Song, Zhang Jian Zhou, Wei Wei Cong, Chang Chun Ge

Abstract: Molybdenum has many prominent properties, such as high melting point, good thermal properties, and low erosion rate and so on, which make...

Authors: Xiao Jun Shao, Jun Liu, Yong Shou Liu, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: A 2D cylindrical plate model has been established to study the distribution of residual stress of cold expansion hole under different...

Authors: Bin Li, Qing Yan Xu, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: A modified Cellular Automaton model was presented to simulate the evolution of dendritic microstructure in low pressure die casting of...


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