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Authors: Y. Inoue, Tokuteru Uesugi, Yorinobu Takigawa, Kenji Higashi

Abstract: The grain boundary structure and its energy are necessary for the fundamental understanding of the physical properties of materials. In...

Authors: Jia Feng Zhang, Jin Wu Kang, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: A method was presented for the indirect measurement of dynamic stress of casting in this paper. A stress sensor embedded in the sand mold...

Authors: Dyi Cheng Chen, Cheng Fu Chen

Abstract: Commercial DEFORMTM three-dimensional finite element (FE) code is employed to examine the plastic deformation behavior of porous beams at...

Authors: Julien da Costa Teixeira, Laure Bourgeois, Chad W. Sinclair, Christopher R. Hutchinson

Abstract: The work hardening behavior of an Al-3Cu-0.05Sn (wt %) alloy was studied using tensile tests and Bauschinger tests. Emphasis is placed on...

Authors: A. Sugianto, Michiharu Narazaki, M. Kogawara, S.Y. Kim, S. Kubota

Abstract: The displacement profile in a shank and dedendum-addendum circle of helical gear made of through-hardened S45C carbon steel and...

Authors: A. Sugianto, Michiharu Narazaki, M. Kogawara

Abstract: Computer simulation can be utilized to predict the property and quality of heat-treated products. The prediction accuracy depends upon the...

Authors: You Son Gu, Jun Jie Qi, Yue Zhang

Abstract: Surface energies of indium doped ZnO were calculated to explain the polarized growth of ZnO nanodisks due to indium doping. Calculation...

Authors: Xiao Lin Shu, Chong Yu Wang

Abstract: The dislocation 1/2[111](1-10) in iron is constructed. The motion behaviors of dislocation 1/2[111](1-10) in iron, as well as the...

Authors: Quan Lin Jin, Yan Shu Zhang

Abstract: A hybrid global optimization method combining the Real-coded genetic algorithm and some classical local optimization methods is constructed...

Authors: Yong Xing Hao, Lin Hua, Gui Shan Chen, Dao Ming Wang

Abstract: Non-stability factors affect stability of radial ring rolling process, and lead to fluctuating of ring position. This decreases rolling...


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