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Authors: San Bing Ren, Jun Fei Fan, Hai Rong Le, Shun Li Zhao

Abstract: The parameters of atomizer were obtained from the experiment. Based on the obtained parameters, a mathematical model was proposed to...

Authors: Hiroshi Onda, Kazunari Sakurai, Tatsuya Masuta, Katsunari Oikawa, Koichi Anzai, Wojciech Kasprzak, Jerry Sokolowski

Abstract: This paper presents the prediction results of the temperature change during the solidification process of the cylinder head made of the...

Authors: Ying Chen, Misako Iwasawa, Yasunori Kaneta, Toshiharu Ohnuma, Hua Yun Geng, Motoyasu Kinoshita

Abstract: To clarify the origin of a characteristic fine grain structure formed under the high burn-up of the nuclear fuel, the comprehensive...

Authors: Michael P. Pereira, Wen Yi Yan, Bernard F. Rolfe

Abstract: For a given sheet metal forming process, an accurate determination of the contact pressure distribution experienced is an essential step...

Authors: Sai Yi Li

Abstract: A numerical analysis of orientation stability is conducted for equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) of hexagonal close-packed (hcp)...

Authors: Tomotsugu Shimokawa, Toshiyasu Kinari, Sukenori Shintaku

Abstract: The relationship between grain subdivision mechanisms of a crystalline metal and the strain gradient under severe plastic deformation is...

Authors: Je Ee Ho, Ching Yen Ho

Abstract: The incident energy flux impinged on the free surface of liquid layer was considered to be balanced with the latent heat in evaporation and...

Authors: Jia Wei Mi, Patrick S. Grant

Abstract: A numerical model has been developed to simulate the distribution of polygonal grain size in a sprayed microstructure formed from an alloy...

Authors: Ming He Chen, J.H. Li, Lin Gao, Dun Wen Zuo, Min Wang

Abstract: In order to solve the problem existed in the numerical simulation of sheet metal forming for its use the strain-based forming limit diagram...

Authors: Abul B.M. Saifullah, Syed H. Masood

Abstract: Cooling channel design is important in mould designs to achieve shorter cycles, dimensional stability and reduced part stresses....


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