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Authors: X.Y. Zhou, Hai Rong Wang, Zhuang De Jiang, Rui Xia Yu
Abstract:A simple method to extract the intrinsic mechanical properties of the soft metallic thin films on hard substrates by nanoindenation is...
Authors: Kenji Kaneko, Keisuke Sato, Z. Horita, Koji Inoke
Abstract:Structures and morphologies of Ge precipitates in an Al-Ge alloy were characterized by a combination of transmission electron microscopy and...
Authors: Wan Qiang Xu, Michael Ferry
Abstract:An extra low carbon steel was cold rolled to 85% reduction and annealed at 680 °C to generate a microstructure containing ~2 %...
Authors: Yi Wang Bao, Li Sun
Abstract:A simple and material-independent indentation technique is presented to determine the hardness and elastic modulus of solid materials. This...
Authors: S. Watanabe
Abstract:An atomistic study of radiation-induced amorphization in the NiTi intermetallic compound was performed by using in-situ high-resolution...
Authors: Koenraad Bonny, Patrick de Baets, Omer Van der Biest, Jef Vleugels, Bert Lauwers
Abstract:Tungsten carbide based hardmetals with cobalt binder phase are widely used in engineering industries for their excellent mechanical...
Authors: Yasuhide Ishiguro, Takashi Murayama, Kaoru Sato
Authors: Rui Wen Li, Ping Dong
Abstract:Beryllium (Be) is susceptible to introduce stress because it is a brittle metal with a high elastic modular. The compact tension (CT)...
Authors: Rui Yang, Ying Liu, Jian Yu
Abstract:Photo-oxidation of polyethylene (PE) has been studied thoroughly these years owing to its high output and various applications, which makes...
Authors: Wen Bo Luo, Xin Tang, Rong Guo Zhao, Jiang Hua Tan, Yoshihiro Tomita
Abstract:In this work, the physical aging and its effect on nonlinear creep behavior of poly(methyl methacrylate) are presented. After annealing...
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