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Authors: Wen Zhen Li, Jun Jiao Wu

Abstract: The mathematical models of compacting process in green sand molding were built up based on the experiment results of molding sand property...

Authors: Zhi Jie Jiao, Hao Zhang, Jing Wang, Chui Hong Liu, Xiang Hua Liu

Abstract: Rolling force is the most important technical parameter for the tandem cold mill. In this paper, the precise models and calculation process...

Authors: Tian Biao Yu, Jian Yu Yang, Ya Dong Gong, F. Xu, F. Liang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: For properly choosing grinding parameters, predicting probable faults and processing quality, simulation of grinding based on virtual...

Authors: Hong Jiang, Chao Ying Xie

Abstract: The aim of equal channel angular extrusion is to get ultrafine grained bulk materials. The practice process is not under isothermal...

Authors: Sheng Zhi Li, Jie Xu, X.G. Duan, J.M. Zheng, J.G. Xue, Feng Pan

Abstract: Using Oyane ductile fracture criterion, a 2-D coupled thermo-mechanical simulation of center crack occurrence in round billet during 2-roll...

Authors: T. Tokunaga, N. Hanaya, Hiroshi Ohtani, Mitsuhiro Hasebe

Abstract: A thermodynamic analysis of the Fe-Mn-P ternary system has been carried out using the CALPHAD method. Among the three binary systems...

Authors: Li Bo Pan, Lin Hua, Jian Lan

Abstract: An effective method was proposed to simulate and control the motion track of guide roller during radial-axial ring rolling in FE...

Authors: Shao Qing Wang

Abstract: The lattice dynamics and thermodynamic properties of MgS and related II-VI compounds are studied by the first-principles linear-response...

Authors: Xuan Zhi Wang, Syed H. Masood, M. Dingle

Abstract: This paper focuses on a rapid simulation methodology for sheet metal forming, using AutoForm™ software, for an auto-body panel. An engine...

Authors: S. Fujita, Tokuteru Uesugi, Yorinobu Takigawa, Kenji Higashi

Abstract: The segregation energy of solute Ga in the staking fault in Cu-Ga alloy was calculated from the first principles. Then, we presented...


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