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Authors: Hong Jiang, Zhi Guo Fan, Chao Ying Xie

Abstract: In this paper, 3-dimension finite element model was applied to analyze the commercial pure Ti billet subjected to four-pass equal channel...

Authors: Yang Sui, Zi Yu Chen, Xiao Lin Shu, Tian Min Wang

Abstract: L10 phase FePt alloy is regarded as one of the most promising materials for ultra high density magnetic recording media. However,...

Authors: Juan Daniel Muñoz-Andrade

Abstract: The goal of this work is to describe the cosmic micromechanics connection with irreversible deformation processes in spatially extended...

Authors: Kinichi Masuda-Jindo, Vu Van Hung, M. Menon

Abstract: The mechanical, thermal and electronic properties of the nanoscale materials are studied using an ab initio molecular dynamics (TBMD)...

Authors: Tetsuo Mohri, Nao Fujihashi, Ying Chen

Abstract: Phase Field Method is combined with the Cluster Variation Method within the square approximation, and the multiscale ordering behavior from...

Authors: Cheng Huang, Bo Song, Pei Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the thermodynamic and kinetic requirements of heterogeneous and homogeneous nucleation of metallic melting were suggested....

Authors: Jinn Jong Sheu, Ming Yi Huang, Chin Wei Liu

Abstract: The bending tool design of a cold roll-formed blank has been discussed in this paper. The cold roll-formed blanks give a up and down...

Authors: Ming Yue Sun, Shan Ping Lu, Dian Zhong Li, Yi Yi Li

Abstract: The conventional method of bending the large crankthrow was investigated by computer simulation combined with manufacturing trial, and the...

Authors: X.T. Wang, Z.L. Yu, Tadeusz Siwecki, Göran Engberg, Zu Qing Sun

Abstract: A physical model for austenite recrystallization of steel concerning TMCP is developed. Dislocation density plays a key role as...

Authors: Yao Dai, Qi Sun, Wei Tan, Chang Qing Sun

Abstract: Functionally gradient material (FGM) developed for heat-shielding structure is often used in the very high temperature environment....


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