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Authors: Jie Zhou, Tian Rui Zhou

Abstract: The deformation ability of metals and the mechanic characteristics of metal parts are closely related to the material’s microstructure and...

Authors: Liang Huo, Zhi Qiang Han, Zhi Yong Liu, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a simplified cellular automaton (CA) model was proposed for modeling the evolution of microstructure in solidification...

Authors: Jie Yang, Lang Yuan, Shou Mei Xiong, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: Slow shot velocity and its acceleration phase in the shot sleeve have great influence on the flow pattern of the liquid metal in the shot...

Authors: Yong Qiang Long, Ping Liu, Wei Min Zhang

Abstract: The micro structural evolution and the mechanism of recrystallization grain growth were studied during re-aging process in Cu-Ni-Si alloy...

Authors: Walter R. Ruziwa, Alan C.F. Cocks

Abstract: In this paper we present an anisotropic compaction model based on a generic modeling framework. The model is a generalization of Hill’s...

Authors: Hong Wei Li, He Yang, Zhi Chao Sun, M. Wang, Lan Yun Li

Abstract: Material behaviors of anisotropy and rate sensitivity affect cold ring rolling greatly. So, a self-developed incremental model of rate...

Authors: Shun Li Zhao, Jun Fei Fan, San Bing Ren, Hai Rong Le

Abstract: It is commonly considered that the character of atomizing gas-flowing field would affect breaking method of molten metal, liquid droplet...

Authors: Y. Shinzato, Yuki Saito, Hiroshi Yukawa, Masahiko Morinaga, Takeshi Baba, Hiromi Nakai

Abstract: A new expression for the chemical bond in perovskite-type oxides is proposed based on the atomization energy concept. The atomization...

Authors: Masaki Tanaka, Yumi Hoshino, Alexander Hartmaier, Kenji Higashida

Abstract: Two dimensional simulations of discrete dislocation dynamics were carried out to clarify a shielding effect due to dislocations at a crack...


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