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Authors: Yan Zhang, Wei Jie Lin, Rui Yang, Yin Ping Zhang, Qing Wu Zhang

Abstract: Compared to conventional single-phase fluids, the latent functionally thermal fluid (LFTF), with phase change particles of μm magnitude in...

Authors: Ryoichi Monzen, Toshiro Sakai, Chihiro Watanabe

Abstract: The precipitation processes from G.P. zones to γ’ in a Cu−0.9wt%Be alloy single crystal containing only the G.P. zones parallel to the...

Authors: V.I. Savran, S. Eric Offerman, Niels H. van Dijk, Erik M. Lauridsen, L. Margulies, Jilt Sietsma

Abstract: Studying austenitisation in steel, so far, was either limited to observations at the surface of the material or to the determination of the...

Authors: Masaaki Nishiyama, Daisuke Hamatani, Kenji Matsuda, Tokimasa Kawabata, Yasuhiro Uetani, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: There have been many reports about the bainitic phase decomposition of annealed Cu-Zn alloy. During annealing at 523 K, the hardness of...

Authors: Q.P. Meng, N. Chen

Abstract: The free energy function of martensitic transformation is established using Landau polynomial. According to the free energy function, the...

Authors: Zhi Guo Fan, Chao Ying Xie

Abstract: The initial coarse grains of Ti-50.9at%Ni were obviously refined after eight ECAE processes. Effects of pressing number on the...

Authors: Julien da Costa Teixeira, Laure Bourgeois, Christopher R. Hutchinson

Abstract: The microstructural evolution and associated strengthening during isothermal ageing of an Al-3Cu-0.05Sn reinforced by non-spherical θ'...

Authors: Chihiro Watanabe, Fumiya Nishijima, Ryoichi Monzen, Kazue Tazaki

Abstract: The effects of P and Cr addition and two-step aging on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a Cu-4wt%Ni-0.95wt%Si alloy have...

Authors: Masanori Tamaki, Tetsuhiko Onda, Motozo Hayakawa

Abstract: Small spherical specimens of ZrO2-1.5mol%Y2O3 with diameters ranging from 150 to 900μm were prepared and the burst temperature was measured...

Authors: Yuhki Tsukada, Koichi Hasuike, Yoshinori Murata, Masahiko Morinaga

Abstract: Tantalum (Ta) addition is one of the promising method for increasing the strength of Ni-based wrought alloys such as Inconel 718, because...


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