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Authors: Ivan S. Cole, T.H. Muster, D.A. Paterson, S.A. Furman, G.S. Trinidad, N. Wright

Abstract: A holistic model of the atmospheric corrosion of metals is being developed. The model is based on integrating modules that define such...

Authors: Toshiyuki Fujii, Shizuma Uju, Chihiro Watanabe, Susumu Onaka, Masaharu Kato

Abstract: Fully reversed tension-compression fatigue tests were performed on solid-solutioned Al-0.7mass%Mg single crystals with a single slip...

Authors: Hassan Ghassemi Armaki, Kyosuke Yoshimi, Kouichi Maruyama, Mitsuru Yoshizawa, Masaaki Igarashi

Abstract: The apparent activation energy for rupture life sometimes changes from a high value of short term creep to a low value of long term creep....

Authors: Raffaella Di Sante, Pasquale Cavaliere, Gian Luca Rossi, Antonio Squillace

Abstract: Thermolastic Stress Analysis (TSA) has been recently developed as a direct investigating method for the study of the stress field around...

Authors: You Tang Li, Chang Feng Yan, Wu Yin Jin

Abstract: The notch is not only one of the primary reasons of component fracture, but also the key factor in life assessment of shaft. The stress and...

Authors: Sang Bong Yi, Tomasz Ludian, Lothar Wagner

Abstract: The deformation degrees in near-surface zones and related microstructural changes in CuZn30 were determined after shot peening and...

Authors: Masaaki Igarashi, Koji Moriguchi, Seiichi Muneki, Fujio Abe, Yasuharu Shirai

Abstract: Creep deformation mechanism of the steels with a different matrix, α (ferrite), α’ (martensite) and γ (austenite), and precipitates such as...

Authors: Pieter Samyn, Alessandro Ledda, Jan Quintelier, Isabel Van Driessche, Gustaaf Schoukens, Patrick de Baets, Wim De Waele

Abstract: Polymer wear debris particles undergo a thermal and mechanical (shear) cycle since their generation and therefore contain information on...

Authors: H. Sepehri Amin, Ahmad Kermanpur, Saeed Ziaei-Rad, Hassan Farhangi, M. Mosaddeghfar

Abstract: Several premature failures were occurred in the high-pressure section of an industrial gas turbine compressor due to the fracture of...

Authors: Chun Xu Pan, Qiang Fu

Abstract: The present work studied the corrosion property around the fusion boundaries of a dissimilar steel welded joint in as-welded condition and...


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