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Authors: Jae Hwa Lee, Takashi Fukuda, Tomoyuki Kakeshita

Abstract: We have found that solution-treated or sensitized SUS304L stainless steel transforms isothermally from the γ (fcc)-phase to the α' (bcc)...

Authors: Takuya Yamamoto, Mi Seon Choi, Sho Majima, Takashi Fukuda, Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Eiji Taguchi, Hirotaro Mori

Abstract: We have studied diffuse scatterings appearing in Ti-(50-x)Ni-xFe (x = 6, 7, 8, 10) alloy, which shows negative temperature coefficient in...

Authors: Atsushi Yamamoto, Yuichiro Tsukahara, Shinji Fukumoto

Abstract: A new technique has been developed, which enables one to randomize the basal plane texture formed in wrought magnesium alloys, AZ31B. Rolls...

Authors: Takeshi Fujimatsu, Motohiro Nishikawa, Kazuya Hashimoto, Atsushi Yamamoto

Abstract: High strengths and impact values are required for carburizing steels used for automotive drive train parts. It is well known that the...

Authors: Tomokazu Sano, Kengo Takahashi, Akio Hirose, Osamu Sakata, Masayuki Okoshi, Narumi Inoue, Kojiro F. Kobayashi

Abstract: We synthesized polymorphic diamond directly from highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) using femtosecond laser driven shock wave...

Authors: Osamu Yoshinari, Daisuke Itoh

Abstract: Hydrogen diffusivity (D) and permeability (q) in Pd50-xTi50(Cr, Fe)x alloys were measured at temperature range between 570 and 770 K....

Authors: Minoru Doi, Tomokazu Moritani, Takao Kozakai

Abstract: Phase-separation of D03 precipitates in A2 matrix of Fe-Si-V alloys was investigated with TEM. When Fe-14.5at%Si-12.9at%V alloy is aged at...

Authors: Tomokazu Moritani, Masahiro Ota, Takao Kozakai, Minoru Doi

Abstract: The phase-separation behaviour of γ’ precipitates in Ni-7.1Al-6.7Si alloy was investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy...

Authors: Yusuke Inuzuka, Shogo Ito, Takao Kozakai, Minoru Doi

Abstract: Phase separations of A1 (γ) supersaturated solid solution into γ, cubic-L12 (γ') and tetragonal-D022 (γ") phases were investigated in...

Authors: Oleg Girin

Abstract: It has been found that during the electrodeposition of metallic material a supercooled metallic liquid is being formed that is solidified...


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