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Authors: J.M. Rigsbee

Abstract: Precipitation-strengthened Cu-based alloys have limited use as structural materials at high temperatures due to precipitate coarsening and...

Authors: Sheng Zhi Hao, Ping Sheng Wu, Thierry Grosdidier, Chuang Dong

Abstract: HCPEB treatment of 316L stainless steel (SS) was carried out and the microstructure change in the modified surface layer were characterized...

Authors: Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Takura Mimaki, Alexei Vinogradov, Satoshi Hashimoto

Abstract: Corrosion of ultra-fine grain (UFG) copper fabricated by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) has been investigated in comparison with...

Authors: Daniel Horvath, Rafiq Noorani, Mel Mendelson

Abstract: The objective of this research was to find the best combination of factor levels that minimized the surface roughness of prototyped samples...

Authors: Yoshihisa Kaneko, Y. Nishijima, T. Sanda, Satoshi Hashimoto

Abstract: Effect of Ni/Cu multilayer coating on fatigue durability was investigated. The Ni/Cu multilayered films were coated on cylindrical copper...

Authors: Yoshihisa Kaneko, H. Sakakibara, Satoshi Hashimoto

Abstract: Co/Cu and Ni/Cu multilayers fabricated by electroplating technique were annealed at various temperatures in order to investigate thermal...

Authors: Koenraad Bonny, Patrick de Baets, Omer Van der Biest, Jef Vleugels, Bert Lauwers

Abstract: At present, cobalt is the most commonly used binder material in tungsten carbide based hardmetals. Current research on sliding wear...

Authors: Yoshihiro Ohno, J. Inotani, Yoshihisa Kaneko, Satoshi Hashimoto

Abstract: A sliding wear test was conducted in a copper single crystal having (001) surface. Microstructures induced by the sliding wear were...

Authors: Li Li Xue, Li Kun Xu, Qing Fen Li

Abstract: In this paper, the anticorrosive performances of fastener coatings containing PTFE and/or nano aluminum particles were investigated by...

Authors: Hiroyuki Miyamoto, K. Kuroda, Takura Mimaki

Abstract: Sensitivity to corrosion fatigue (CF) crack initiation has been investigated in a series of pure copper bicrystals with a symmetrical...


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