Light Metals Technology 2009

Volumes 618-619

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Linda Wu, W. George Ferguson

Abstract: Precipitation hardening, or aging hardening, is one of the most widely adopted techniques for strengthening of aluminium alloys. During the...

Authors: Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: Grain boundaries significantly influence the properties of polycrystalline metallic materials, particularly with grain sizes in the...

Authors: Charles Moy, Massimiliano Bocciarelli, Simon P. Ringer, Gianluca Ranzi

Abstract: The proposed work makes use of an inverse analysis approach to identify the mechanical properties of a material sample which can be...

Authors: Muralidharan Paramsothy, Syed Fida Hassan, Narasimalu Srikanth, Manoj Gupta

Abstract: New bimetal magnesium/aluminium macrocomposites containing millimeter-scale Al based core reinforcement were fabricated using solidification...

Authors: Matthew R. Barnett

Abstract: It is shown that wrought magnesium alloys display a number of significant types of deformation inhomogeneities. These are influenced by the...

Authors: Kishore Venkatesan, Wendy Borbidge, Michael Kellam, Daniel R. East, Mark A. Gibson, Daniel Liang

Abstract: The suitability of a twin-roll cast (TRC) age-hardenable alloy for wrought applications is explored. A Mg-4Zn (wt.%) alloy, 3mm thick, was...

Authors: Nicole Stanford

Abstract: The magnesium alloy AZ31 was processed by severe hot rolling and annealing. This processing was optimised to produce recrystallised grain...

Authors: David Jenista

Abstract: The use of two-piece billets in aluminium extrusion is often viewed as a necessary evil. A heating system that provides two-piece billets...

Authors: Jung Woo Choi, Kwang Seon Shin

Abstract: The mechanical properties of extruded ZA (Mg-Zn-Al) alloys with different Al contents were examined. The effects of Al on deformation...

Authors: Ming Liu, Sandrine Zanna, Helene Ardelean, Isabelle Frateur, Patrik Schmutz, Guang Ling Song, Andrej Atrens, Philippe Marcus

Abstract: An XPS investigation was carried out on the surface film formed by exposure to high-purity water, on mechanically polished Mg and the two...


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