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Authors: Xian Long Cao, Yi De Xiao, Hong Da Deng, Peng Jun Cao, Bi Jia
Abstract:The atmospheric corrosion has been shown to be an electrochemical process, the atmospheric corrosion behavior of Q235 stell evaluated with...
Authors: Xue Gang Luo, Feng Liu, Xiao Yan Lin
Abstract:A raw adsorbent of konjac glucomannan was activated at strong alkaline condition. A comprehensive adsorption study of Cu2+ removal from...
Authors: Qin Hui Zhang, Shao Peng Li, Shu Ying Sun, Xian Sheng Yin, Jian Guo Yu
Abstract:Mesoporous titania nanoribbons are synthesized via an optimized soft hydrothermal process and the derived titania ion-sieves with lithium...
Authors: Yu Liu, Xian Zheng Gong, Zhi Hong Wang, Wei Liu, Zuo Ren Nie
Abstract:The major environmental loads of mineral separation process in China iron production (with missing data) are analyzed. And the inner...
Authors: Nan Chun Chen, Han Mei Ao, Zhi Liang Zhan
Abstract:In order to reach the standard of the RoHS that the content of Cr6+ lower than 200ppm in ferrite, this reserch focused on the factors that...
Authors: Jing Dong Zhao, Shi Jun Su, Xiao Fan Zhu, Hong Lei Wang
Abstract:It’s a gas-liquid-solid three-phase reaction system in the reactor for flue gas desulfurization using pyrolusite pulp. Based on the two-film...
Authors: Bi Xia Wang, Xin Zhe Lan, Yong Hui Song, Ying Sheng Li
Abstract:The electrowinning method for treating high copper cyanide solution was investigated by thermodynamics analysis and experiment. The...
Authors: Qing Shan Kong, Quan Ji, Jian Yu, Yan Zhi Xia
Abstract:Alginate calcium fibers were prepared through wet spinning with good tensile strength which can be used for cloth materials. The morphology,...
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