Materials Research

Volumes 610-613

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Juan Qin Xue, Yu Jie Wang, Kong Fen Wang, Zhou Zhou

Abstract: The method of wettability of solid-liquid interface is used to examine the differences of the liquid membranes formed by hydrophilic or...

Authors: Zeng Zhi Zhang, Na Gu, Bo Tao Wang, Ji Fei Zhang

Abstract: Water Storage and Controlled-release Film (WSCF) material is a kind of composite film which can form a “small reservoir” in the soil to meet...

Authors: Zeng Zhi Zhang, Na Gu, Ji Fei Zhang

Abstract: This paper aims to design a sort of aqueous atomization absorbing material which can absorb mine gas under coal mine to decrease the methane...

Authors: Yan Yan Zhang, Jie Tao, Pin Ting He, Yu Xin Tang, Yue Qin Wang, Ming Bo Zheng

Abstract: To evaluate the acute lung toxicity of intratracheally instilled nano-titanium dioxide (TiO2) in Kunming mice, healthy adult Kunming mice...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Xue Dong Wu, Jian Zhong Li, Hui Wang, Dan Dai, Zhen Lun Song

Abstract: Polymeric compounds are of great interest as corrosion inhibitors in acidic environment due to their inherent stability. Polymeric film is...

Authors: Yu Juan Guo, Fang Lian, Li Hua Xu, Hong Shun Hao

Abstract: This presented a route to utilize the Tungsten Molybdenum Bismuth Polymetallic Tailings in Shizhuyuan of Hunan province to fabricate...

Authors: Yao Bo Hu, Fu Sheng Pan, Jing Feng Wang

Abstract: Titanium dioxide (TiO2) thin film was fabricated on the surface of glass monolayers at room temperature, using KH-550 as self-assembled...

Authors: Jian Hua Wan, Heng Hu Sun, Ying Ying Wang, Chao Li

Abstract: The effect of the thermal treated red mud on mechanical properties of loess –containing aluminosilicate based cementitious materials is...

Authors: Li Li Liang, Xue Gang Luo, Xiao Yan Lin

Abstract: A ferric stearate electrode was made by doctor-blade methods using the Fluorine tin oxide (FTO) conductive glass. The electrochemical...

Authors: Gao Xiang Du, Hao Ding, Bai Kun Wang, Qiang Xue

Abstract: Surface modification is very important to industrial application of the magnesium hydroxide (MDH) powder, which is used as a kind of...


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