Materials Research

Volumes 610-613

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Shun Hao, Li Hua Xu, Ming Liu, Xiao Meng Zhang, Jian Ying Yang, Yu Juan Guo

Abstract: O'-SiAlON/SiC ecomaterials were synthesized by using the Yangtze River sand that containing abundant Si and Al elements as the major raw...

Authors: Fen Wang, Xiu Feng Ren, Jian Feng Zhu, Hai Bo Yang

Abstract: The Ce-V/TiO2 catalysts with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) were prepared by method of Sol-gel and insuccation. The phase...

Authors: Ming Liu, Li Hua Xu, Xiao Meng Zhang, Hong Shun Hao, Yun Ping Di

Abstract: In this paper, the research mainly focused on utilization of iron ore tailing of Panzhihua region. Based on the analysis of its components,...

Authors: Satoshi Okano, Saeki Yamamuro, Toshiro Tanaka

Abstract: The brookite-phase TiO2 was prepared by a hydrothermal synthesis of titanium chloride solution. The thermolysis time and the pH value of the...

Authors: Hui Wang, Dan Dai, Xin Zhang, Xue Dong Wu

Abstract: Combined with sol-gel method, ultrasonic impregnation approach was employed to prepare TiO2/ Al2O3 surface composite on aluminum. The...

Authors: Hai Ling Zhu, Jun Ying Zhang, Xiang Lan, Chun Zhi Li, Tian Min Wang, Bai Biao Huang

Abstract: The direct current (DC) reactive magnetron sputtering of a metal copper target in oxygen-argon mixed atmospheres to produce thin films of...

Authors: Shu Quan Liang, Yan Tang, Yong Zhang, Zhong Jie, Xiao Pin Tan

Abstract: Silver / CNTs was prepared by ball milling method and was used as filler to reinforce epoxide resin based conductive adhesive. The effect of...

Authors: Ling Li, Li Ping Peng

Abstract: . The Ce3+/TiO2 complex membrane made from Ce3+on the TiO2 framework with the activity of photocatalysis were prepared. The degradation...

Authors: Jin Huo Li, De Gui Zhu, Zong Yue Xue, Shuang Quan Guo

Abstract: TiO2-C composites of high photocatalytic activity were in-situ fabricated with nano-TiO2 powders and resins. The composites were...

Authors: Ying Chen Zhang, J.N. Huang, Hong Yan Wu, Y.P. Qiu

Abstract: The role of both nano-sized of plasma treated Nano Titanium Dioxide particles and strain rate on the tensile properties of plasma treated...


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