Materials Research

Volumes 610-613

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Chen Zhang, Hong Yan Wu, Y.P. Qiu

Abstract: The Melt spinning technique of Nano Zinc Oxide/PP/PLA composites filaments fabricated by plasma treated Nano Zinc Oxide(NZOP) was studied in...

Authors: Rong Zhang, Wen Hong Fan, Jun Chen, Ru Meng Sun, Chun Mei Zhao

Abstract: The bioavailability of trace metals in sewage irrigated soils in the southeastern suburbs of Beijing, China was examined by using in vitro...

Authors: Yan Yang, Jie Tao, Li Ma

Abstract: Poly(vinylidene fluoride)(PVDF) is photochemically stable even in the presence of TiO2 and Pt nanoparticles, and poly(methacrylate)(PMMA)...

Authors: Jin She Yuan, Ming Yue Wang, Guo Hao Yu

Abstract: Low-temperature plasma deposition of diamond-like carbon (DLC) and gallium nitride thin-films grown on Si substrate by PECVD was...

Authors: Dang Qiang Yang, Chang Min Yang, Jin She Yuan

Abstract: The photovoltaic system with compound parabolic concentrator was designed and fabricated based on the performance of polycrystalline-silicon...

Authors: Jia Xie, Ding Guo Xia, Zhi Hui Yu

Abstract: A novel cathode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell, MN4 polymeric cobalt tetrametho -xyphenyl porphyrin (PCoTMPP), was prepared by...

Authors: Hao Liu, Wei Jia Zhang, Shi Liang Jia, Wei Guo, Jin Wu

Abstract: Boron-doped nanocrystalline silicon film was prepared through plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) on silicon substrate and...

Authors: Xue Qing Xu, Yu Zhang, G. Xu

Abstract: The tin doped indium oxide (ITO) thin films were prepared by sol-gel dip-coating process from InCl2.4H2O and SnCl4 in alcoholic solutions....

Authors: Wen Jing Zhou, Wei Min Shi, Li Wu

Abstract: Organic photovoltaic(OPV) cells are rapidly gaining attention due to their potential to be fabricated at low cost in thin, flexible, and...

Authors: Ling Li, Hang Xiang

Abstract: TiO2/SiO2 complex nanofilm with high transmittance on solar cell glass was prepared by sol-gel method. Particle diameters, surface...


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