Materials Research

Volumes 610-613

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Chuan Liang, Xiao Ke Zhi, Xiu Qin Ou, Li Wang

Abstract: Mg2+ doped LiFePO4 was synthesized from Li3PO4, FeSO4 and MgSO4 by a hydrothermal synthesis at 150 °C(Li1-xMgxPO4, x=0.00,...

Authors: B. Du, Qi Jiang, X.F. Zhao, B. Huang, Y. Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the CNT was used as the reinforcing material to overcome the PPy swelling and shrinkage during the doping-undoping process....

Authors: Xian Hua Hou, She Jun Hu, Hong Wen Yu, Ling Zhi Zhao, Qiang Ru, Chun Lin Tan, Wei Shan Li

Abstract: Sn-based anode materials have poor cycling performance due to mechanical fatigue caused by volume expansion during lithium insertion and...

Authors: Yan Guo, D.B. Luo, Dong Pan, Han Xing Liu

Abstract: With eEmploying dichloromethane as solvent, sodium dodecanesulphonate as surface active agent, ammonium persulphate as oxidizer, PAn was...

Authors: Liang He, Lei Du, Yi Qi Zhuang

Abstract: Metallic interconnection electromigration is a common phenomenon in integral circuit, and it influences circuit reliability seriously as...

Authors: Fang Chen, Yun Fei Du, Rong Chang Zeng, Gui Sheng Gan, Chang Hua Du

Abstract: Based on the available thermodynamic and phase equilibria data, the thermodynamic criteria for oxidation in tin-based lead-free solders...

Authors: Gui Sheng Gan, Fang Chen, Rong Chang Zeng, Yun Fei Du, Chang Hua Du

Abstract: Based on Miedema’s model, the enthalpy of formation, excess free-energy and partial molar excess free-energy of Sn-Pb binary alloy solders...

Authors: Yan Fu Yan, Li Fang Feng, Xiao Xiao Guo, Kun Tang, Ke Xing Song

Abstract: It is a difficult subject to develop the high temperature solder with thewhose melting point is within 250~450°C in solder field. Bi5Sb...

Authors: Kun Yu, Chao Li, Jun Yang, Zhi Yong Cai

Abstract: The high silicon content Si-Al alloy is a typical heat dissipation material that used in the electrical packaging field. A spray forming...

Authors: Xian Liang Zhou, Ai Hua Zou, Xiao Zhen Hua, Jian Yun Zhang

Abstract: SiCp/Al composites based on different matrix elements Mg and Si content were fabricated by pressureless infiltration. Through microscope...


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