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Authors: Shao Peng Wu, De Ming Hu, Ling Pang, Hong Wang
Abstract:Construction of the pavement has consumed a huge amount of high grade aggregates, such as basalt, limestone etc. In some region, these...
Authors: Gao Yang Zhao, Xiao Zhi, Yang Ren, Tao Zhu
Abstract:In this paper, fluorine & antimony-doped tin oxide (FATO) transparent conductive thin films are deposited by Spray Pyrolysis on glass...
Authors: Kyeong Il Kim, Tae Whan Hong
Abstract:The most attractive way to storage hydrogen safely and economically is in metal hydrides. In particular, magnesium has attracted much...
Authors: Kyeong Il Kim, Tae Whan Hong
Abstract:Many laboratories have researched membrane for gasification of coal technique, separating hydrogen from fossil fuel. In general, Pd membrane...
Authors: Wen Gang Liu, Yun Hua Xu, Rong Yang
Abstract:Li2MSiO4(M=Mn, Co, Ni) is a potential high capacity cathode material because of its outstanding properties that exchange of two electrons per...
Authors: Shuang Ping Yang, Yong Hui Song, Liu Hua Xin
Abstract:With practical data of the BF ironmaking from Jiuquan Iron&Steel Cooperation Ltd. (JISC), taking the quality of pig iron as evaluation...
Authors: Ji Hee Park, Mie Won Jung, Tae Whan Hong
Abstract:The purpose of this work was hydrogen permeation of ceramic or metal/ceramic membrane using γ-Al2O3 by synthesizing. The γ-Al2O3 was...
Authors: Bo Eun Kim, Sang Eun Park, Sang Wha Lee, Jong Choo Lim, Byoung Won Cho, Joong Kee Lee
Abstract:The porous TiO2 layer on the silicon surface not only acts as a buffer layer to relieve the strain associated with the volume expansion but...
Authors: Jian Guang Bai, Bo Wang, Guang Liang Liu, Ji Qiang Gao, Jian Feng Yang, Jing Zhong Zhao, Zhen Li
Abstract:In this paper, cordierite-mullite multiphase ceramics material was prepared using cordierite powder, mullite particles, fused silica,...
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