Eco-Materials Processing and Design X

Volumes 620-622

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Rong Zhuo, Xue Gang Luo, Xiao Yan Lin, Chang Gang Xu

Abstract: A lignin-quaternary adsorbent was made from lignin after phenolization and then amination. As-prepared adsorbent was characterized by SEM,...

Authors: U.Sangwanna Sanewirush, P. Saewong

Abstract: The local wastes, which are sources of SiO2, Al2O3 and CaO, are rice husk ash, waste sediment from aluminum anodizing process and dreg from...

Authors: Sung Won Kang, Seog Ku Kim, Sang Leen Yun, Hye Cheol Oh, Jae Hwan Ahn

Abstract: This research was conducted to investigate the application of the novel upflow-type filtration device using hydrophobia media made of...

Authors: Sang Woo Kim, Jeong Sik Park

Abstract: Eco-debinding process using supercritical extraction of low molecular organic binders in nano-porous ceramic bodies was examined. The...

Authors: Xue Gang Luo, Feng Liu, Zheng Guang Zhang, Xiao Yan Lin

Abstract: A novel thermoplastic konjac glucomannan(TKGM) was synthesized with KGM and methyl acrylate(MA) initiated by ammonium persulfate. The...

Authors: Ying Cheng Hu, Fang Chao Cheng

Abstract: Wood is one kind of renewable natural eco-material. Glued laminated timber (glulam) is an engineered wood product made from sawn lumber...

Authors: Li Zhang, Ying Cheng Hu, Peng Chen, Jian Peng Hu, Fei Pin Yuan, Qing Li, Mi Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the production technology of laminated veneer lumber was optimized by using the uniform design method. The effects of...

Authors: Gyu Tae Seo, Jin Tae Kim, Sung Su Kim, Jutamas Kaewsuk

Abstract: The objective of this study is to develop a novel powder activated carbon (PAC) by surface modification with magnetite nano-particles for...

Authors: Dong In Jang, Shae K. Kim

Abstract: For non-SF6 process and melt cleanliness, CaO added AZ31 Mg alloy has been developed for strip casting. Mg alloys were usually ignited...

Authors: Kyung Chul Park, Byung Ho Kim, Jong Jin Jeon, Yong Ho Park, Ik Min Park

Abstract: In the present work, the effect of Sn addition on the corrosion behavior of Mg–5Al–1Zn alloys was investigated. Microstructure,...


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