Eco-Materials Processing and Design X

Volumes 620-622

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chul Kim, Beom Cheol Hwang, Hyun Ki Moon, Hyun Woo Lee, Myung Jun Song

Abstract: An internal lobe pump is suitable for oil hydraulics of machine tools, automotive engines, compressors, constructions and other other...

Authors: Chang Sam Kim, Sung Ik Hwang, Shin Woo Kim

Abstract: The electrochemical properties of LiFePO4 as a cathode of lithium ion batteries considerably depend on a particle size of LiFePO4 and a...

Authors: Hong Min Guo, Jun Yang

Abstract: Based on the application of slag splashing for building up a protective coating layer on the refractory lining, a technique for...

Authors: Qi Song Shi, Tai Qi Liu

Abstract: In the present study, poly(ethylene glycol)(PEG) with different molecular weights were blended with different fatty acids: capric, lauric or...

Authors: Gang Zhou, Soo Wohn Lee, Yu Bao Li

Abstract: High-purity aluminum oxide is potentially an attractive implante material for total hip joint replacement, because its biocompatibility,...

Authors: Je Sik Shin, Bong Hwan Kim, J.G. Lee, Seung Y. Shin, Gwang Bo Choi, B.M. Moon

Abstract: In order to investigate the feasibility of spray forming process for production of high Si steel sheets, 4.8~6.4%Si steels were prepared by...

Authors: Bong Hwan Kim, Je Sik Shin, D.S. Kim, Ki Young Kim, In Jin Shon, B.M. Moon

Abstract: The consolidation process of ultra fine Si powders, generated as by-product during the decomposition process of silane gases, was...

Authors: Jun Li, Xu Fang, Jian Feng Yang, Guan Jun Qiao

Abstract: Ti foil and Ni foil interlayers were selected for the bonding of tungsten to CuCrZr alloy. The effects of bonding temperature on the...

Authors: A. Ruem Han, Hye Jin Lee, Nak Kyu Lee, Geun An Lee, Jung Han Song

Abstract: Mechanical properties of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) materials are increasingly important with the wide use of miniaturized...

Authors: Dong Wan Seo, Young Don Lim, M. S. Islam Mollah, Soon Ho Lee, Sang Ho Moon, Sang Young Pyun, Whan Gi Kim

Abstract: Poly(ether sulfone)s (PES) containing 25-75 mol % valeric acid were prepared with bisphenol A, bis(4-chlorophenyl)sulfone and...


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