Light Metals Technology 2009

Volumes 618-619

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Wang, Qiang Luo, Yan Zhang Liu, Yong Chen, Dan Qi Sun

Abstract: Abstract The effects of hydrogen on the hydrogen embrittlement of Ti-2Al-2.5Zr alloy was investigated by tensile test, slow strain rate...

Authors: Christopher Machio, D. Nyabadza, Hilda Kundai Chikwanda, M. Phasha, V.M. Sibanda

Abstract: A Ti-10wt.%Mg powder alloy has been produced by mechanical alloying. Elemental powders of Ti and Mg were ball milled in a Zoz-Simoloyer CM01...

Authors: Ji Chao Qiao, Zheng Ping Xi, Hui Ping Tang, Jian Yong Wang, Ji Lei Zhu

Abstract: Porous metal fiber media have traits of metal materials and functional materials. Porous metal fiber media are gaining popularity in...

Authors: Wei Dong Zeng, Yi Gang Zhou, Jian Hua Zhou, Xiao Ying Wang

Abstract: The microstructural changes of alpha morphology in Ti-17 alloy with an initial lamellar microstructure were examined quantitatively using...

Authors: E. Derry Doyle, S.J. Dowey

Abstract: Advances have been made in the art of metal cutting, much to the economic benefit of industrialized nations. Not withstanding this,...

Authors: Phill Doorbar, Mark Dixon, Amit Chatterjee

Abstract: The aero-engine has provided the major drive for the development of new improved titanium alloys in recent years. This paper covers these...

Authors: Andy Woodfield, Eric Ott, Jon Blank, Mike Peretti, David Linger, Larry Duke

Abstract: Recent advances in synthesis of titanium (Ti) alloy powders by direct reduction methods (meltless Ti) have led to new opportunities to...

Authors: Nigel A. Stone, G.M. Delphine Cantin, Mark A. Gibson, Trevor Kearney, Sri Lathabai, David Ritchie, Robert Wilson, Merchant Yousuff, Raj. Rajakumar, Kevin Rogers

Abstract: Major research and development efforts both in CSIRO and elsewhere aim to develop processes for commercial production of low cost titanium...

Authors: Ji Hong Nancy Yang, Milan Brandt, Shou Jin Sun

Abstract: The aim of this work is to develop a 3-D transient finite element model for a moving Gaussian laser heat source to predict the depth of the...

Authors: Oliver Damm, Willie du Preez

Abstract: Through focused investment by the CSIR, the South African Innovation Fund, the Automotive Industry Development Centre and the Department of...


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