Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science & Technology XIII Volume II

Volumes 628-629

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y.J. Wu, Zhi Min Zhang, X. Zhang, Qiang Wang, B.C. Li

Abstract: With the deformation temperature between 250°C and 450°C as well as the strain rate between 0.01s-1 and 5s-1, the hot compression tests of...

Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Jian Li Song, Fei Han, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: Numerical simulation and test forming of the isothermal precision forging of an impeller was carried out. The forming processes were...

Authors: J.H. Li, Wei Fu Fan, Zhong Mei Zhang

Abstract: This paper obtained work piece of fine blanking with negative clearance by experiment. The microstructure and fractography photograph in...

Authors: F.Y. Meng, S.M. Nie

Abstract: Many cracks can occur in heavy forging as a result of inherent defects of heavy ingot and forging process. According to the results of...

Authors: Chang Ming Qian, Yan Song Zhang, Xiao Yun Zhang, Guan Long Chen

Abstract: In order to reduce vehicle weight and improve crash performance, dual-phase (DP) steels are increasingly used for lightweight auto-body. the...

Authors: Jian Ping Lin, Shui Sheng Chen, Dong Feng Han

Abstract: The flanging on both sides of wheel cowling tail of front fender is stretch flanging. An asymmetric flanging model is built according to the...

Authors: Jun Ying Min, Jian Ping Lin, Guo Hua Sun, Wen Hua Bao

Abstract: The finite element model of bulging at elevated temperature was established by using of pam-stamp 2007. The bulging tests of boron steel...

Authors: Rong Fa Chen, Yi Hong Zhao, Zhao Xia Shen, Liang Gang Dai, Xian Liang Zhang, Rui Zhu

Abstract: Transient liquid-phase (TLP) bonding of aluminium-based metal matrix composite (MMC) has been investigated. An attempt was made of using an...

Authors: X.J. Feng, L.F. Liang, Yi Jun Zhou

Abstract: This paper introduces a method to measure the online strain in the plate shell forming process. It solves the problem that the inside stress...

Authors: Chang Xu Hu, Tungwai Leo Ngai, Jun Jun Zheng, Zhi Yu Xiao, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: Powder metallurgy process is a net-shape manufacturing technique that can eliminate or reduce machining time. It is economical and...


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