Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science & Technology XIII Volume II

Volumes 628-629

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: It is very difficult to execute the finishing process of the concavo-convex surface of female-screws. The current study offers a screw-form...

Authors: Ying Qiang Xu, S.J. Li, T. Zhang, X.H. Yang

Abstract: Mathematical models of basic parameters, force and thermal parameters of cutting were obtained by applying the thermo-elastic-plastic theory...

Authors: Ai Guang Lin, Xiao Fei Ding, Z.D. Xie, Bao Yuan Sun

Abstract: According to the results of mechanical property tests, the mechanical properties of heterogeneous composite-Patinopecten yessoensis...

Authors: Jun Ru Yang, Zhao Qian Li, Chuan Zhen Huang, L.X. Ren, Q.H. Jia

Abstract: Basing on the theoretical study on the stress intensity factor (SIF) of the crack normal to and dwelling on the interface of the cermet...

Authors: Shao Yun Huang, Bo Lin He, Jian Ping Shi

Abstract: Porous cermets composites were prepared from mixed powders (Ni, Al, Ti and C) by SHS (Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis) method....

Authors: M.Y. Li, Yong Wang, W.M. Zhao, Bin Han, Yi Yuan Cheng, Chao Wen Li

Abstract: Laser surface melting has been performed on high chrome steels by a 5kW CW CO2 laser using different overlapping ratios. The microstructures...

Authors: Hong Yu Wang, Dun Wen Zuo, Yong Jun Chen, H. Ma

Abstract: The green presetting of powders was performed on the substrate by introducing a novel technique namely squash presetting method, and...

Authors: Jie Wen Huang, Dang Sheng Xiong, Xin Min Fan

Abstract: Plasma arc, a kind of high energy density beam, is proposed as one kind of surface treatments in this paper to improve the adhesive...

Authors: Shu Huang, Jian Zhong Zhou, Su Qing Jiang, X.D. Yang, Cheng Dong Wang, Y.C. Dai

Abstract: Typical specimens of AZ31B Magnesium alloy were processed by single point and continuous laser shock peening (LSP). The selected laser...

Authors: Sheng Lei, Quan Kun Liu, Yu Ping Liu, Heng Li

Abstract: Microstructure, microhardness and tribological properties of laser hardened GCr15 steel were investigated in this paper. The wear resistance...


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