Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science & Technology XIII Volume II

Volumes 628-629

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wan Chun Zhou, Tong Zhou, Dong Wang

Abstract: The innovation of mechanism is essential to the creative mechanical design. The innovative design of mechanism not only has important...

Authors: Min Chen, X.M. Jiang, Zu Xin Zhao, X.B. Huang

Abstract: Based on the thorough analysis of the disadvantage of the traditional calculation system for straightening force, the new calculation system...

Authors: Xu Ling Chen, Pei Huang Lou, Dun Bing Tang

Abstract: In order to assimilate and redesign the existing product, a conceptual design driven by function is proposed. Firstly, the behaviors,...

Authors: Ming Di Wang, Kang Min Zhong, Zheng Chen

Abstract: In many occasions of the practical engineering, the reciprocating rectilinear movement at high frequency is appeared commonly, which is...

Authors: Yu Yi Liu, Liang Hou, Hong Lian Wang

Abstract: During product platform life cycle, innovation problem identification and decision-making are regarded as vital issues in product platform...

Authors: J.S. Cheng, X.H. Tao, J. Liu

Abstract: A planar cam theoretical profile can be considered as cycloid of the roller center. There is singular point on the cycloid when the roller...

Authors: Y.Q. Huang, F. Bian, L.M. Zhu, S.B. Kan

Abstract: Empirical models, which are based on linear regression method, will enable the transfer of the quote experiences and knowledge hidden within...

Authors: Y.Q. Wang, Y.Q. Huang, Q.S. Xie, J.T. Li

Abstract: To target both present users and future potential customers, which are often ignored by most researches, very early in the collaborative...

Authors: F.X. Yan, Z.X. Hou, Ding Hua Zhang, Wen Ke Kang

Abstract: This paper describes an innovative free-form modeling system, Virtual Clay Modeling System (VCMS), in which users can directly manipulate...

Authors: Wen Ke Kang, Z.X. Hou, Ding Hua Zhang, F.X. Yan, X.L. Gong

Abstract: Top-down design is an effective solution for global and local trade-off of color deigns process. Based on the characteristics of...


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