Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science & Technology XIII Volume II

Volumes 628-629

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L.Y. Xu, Zhi Li Zhou, M.Z. Zhang, Y. Niu

Abstract: In this paper, to improve the transmission ratio discontinuity problem during the gear shift process in the multi-gear fixed step ratio...

Authors: H. Yao, Jin Song Bao, Jin Ye

Abstract: Success of rescue process is determined by reliability and safety of rescue device. Virtual prototype technology is introduced into the...

Authors: Wei Hua Ni, Zheng Qiang Yao, Jun Tong Xi

Abstract: A significant amount of research has been performed to explore the result of components tolerances on assembly quality. The paper analyzes...

Authors: Zheng Heng Xie, S.Z. Wang

Abstract: The principle of generating conjugate tooth profile for elliptic gear was studied. On this basis, 3D modeling and parametrical design of...

Authors: Dong Min Zhang, W.H. Liao, X.S. Cheng, Y. Guo, S.X. An

Abstract: An enhanced product representation model was introduced, and it was specified with the sets of property, the sets of the multiplicity of...

Authors: Xian Feng Jiang, Hai Ping Wu, Jia You

Abstract: Air Nailer is a kind of hand-held pneumatic tools driven by compressed air, the Air Nailer work process is complex. With CAE, designer can...

Authors: Q. Wei, B.D. Jing, D.H. Bao, L.J. Yang

Abstract: Hydraulic components are widely used in mechanical industry. To comply with the requirements of modern products for high quality and...

Authors: Bin Liu, Kai Yong Jiang

Abstract: According to mesh reconstruction problem of point cloud models with similar topological structure, a mesh reconstruction algorithm of point...

Authors: Li Yang Xie, Wen Qiang Lin

Abstract: The reliability of a mechanical system is not simply determined by the reliabilities of components composing the system. For a specified...

Authors: Zhi Xuan Jia, Jian Mei Wang

Abstract: The heat deformation failure form of workroll bearing chock in Bao Shan steel 2050mm hot strip mill was studied by using finite element...


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