Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science & Technology XIII Volume II

Volumes 628-629

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K. Yan, Pei Qi Ge, Wen Bo Bi

Abstract: Heat transfer enhancement is achieved by flow-induced vibration in planar elastic tube bundle heat exchangers. The optimum of structural...

Authors: Z.J. Li, X.J. Yang, G.W. Cai, X.S. Liu

Abstract: This paper studies the frequency reliability of the main shaft system of Francis turbine-generator units based on nonlinear vibration....

Authors: Z.J. Wen, De Shun Liu, Shu Yi Yang

Abstract: According to poor computational accuracy at small to median sample sizes of Monte Carlo ( MC ) simulation techniques in estimating the...

Authors: Gen Bao Zhang, Xiao Bo Liao

Abstract: In the early design phase of direct-drive hobbing machine, to allocate the reliability index scientifically and reasonably without the...

Authors: Xian Hai Yang, C.Y. Lv

Abstract: A new optimal technology and process of separating plastic from domestic waste was presented according to the recycling benefit. An optimal...

Authors: Tong Xing

Abstract: The cutter head drive hydraulic system of φ1.8m simulate shield machine is introduced in this article, which has the variable speed pump...

Authors: Zhong Min Wang, Yu Jun Cai, D.H. Miao

Abstract: A new improved genetic algorithm (IGA) based on floating point encoding is proposed. Firstly, IGA uses information entropy to produce better...

Authors: Yi Nan Lai, Su Yan Liu, Yong Qiu Chen

Abstract: Take “Research on minitype universal autonomous docking mechanism” as an example, the paper studied on the platform of complex product’s...

Authors: Wei Guo Gao, Wen Tie Niu, Da Wei Zhang

Abstract: The modelling method of dynamic flow path feature (DFPF) is proposed for the design process of hydraulic manifold block (HMB). In this...

Authors: Xiang Jun Yu, Ji Xin Wang, Yong Li

Abstract: In order to investigate the changing law of the film thickness caused by the deformation of hollow coaxial and drum-shaped lining and...


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