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Authors: Hidenori Nako, Yoshitomi Okazaki, Hiroyuki Takeda, Kazuyuki Suenaga, Kojiro Nakanishi

Abstract: 9%Ni steel similar composition weld wires are applied for constructions of liquefied natural gas storage tanks by gas tungsten arc welding...

Authors: Zhao Xia Qu, Han Qian Zhang

Abstract: Baosteel cooperated with the China’s welding consumable company and developed an electro-gas welding wire BH610-EG, which is a flux-cored...

Authors: Paulo José Modenesi, Rodrigo Ferreira Fajardo, Dagoberto Brandão Santos

Abstract: The ferrite grain refinement is a powerful mechanism to improve mechanical properties of low carbon steels providing steels with high...

Authors: T. Schenk, I.M. Richardson, G. Eßer, M. Kraska

Abstract: The accurate prediction of welding distortion is an important requirement for the industry in order to allow the definition of robust...

Authors: O. Siret, Christophe Desrayaud, M.A. Tourabi

Abstract: Thanks to their oxide layer, aluminium alloys are remarkable for their ability to resist corrosion. However, in welding, this protective...

Authors: Yuichi Komizo, Hidenori Terasaki

Abstract: Time-resolved X-Ray Diffraction (TRXRD) experments were carried out to identify the phase transformation during welding in-situ. For the...

Authors: Yoshihiko Uematsu, Keiro Tokaji

Abstract: Friction stir processing (FSP) was applied to a cast aluminium alloy, A356-T6, and a cast magnesium alloy, AZ91-T5, and fully reversed axial...

Authors: Takehiko Watanabe, Kosuke Nishihara, Tomohiro Sasaki

Abstract: Authors ultrasonically welded A6061 aluminum alloy sheet using two types of weld tips with the different contact face geometry, and...

Authors: Marek S. Weglowski, Sebastian Stano, Krzysztof Krasnowski, Miroslaw Lomozik, Krzysztof Kwiecinski, Robert Jachym

Abstract: In the present study, the characteristics of Nd:YAG laser welded joints of 600 MPa DP steel (HDT580X), 2.4 mm in thickness, in respect of...

Authors: D.R.G. Achar, M. Kamaraj, C. S. Ganesh Bavisetty

Abstract: Cobalt based alloy with the addition of 5 and 10 wt% boron carbide have been deposited by PTA process on stainless substrates effectively....


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