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Authors: Marta López, M. Elena Gómez, David Reyes, K. Ramam, Ramalinga V. Mangalaraja, Pedro Prieto, José A. Jiménez

Abstract: Lower energy-ball milling was used to prepare magnetic granular Ni5CoXCu95-X alloys produced by mechanical alloying through a milling...

Authors: Priya A. Manohar

Abstract: A new approach is proposed in this paper that describes the development of flexible rolling technology in industrial processing of C – Mn...

Authors: Priya A. Manohar

Abstract: This paper describes the failure investigation of a tubular shaft that is part of a hammer drill assembly. The failure investigation was...

Authors: Yoshiyuki Nagatomo, Ryo Muranaka, Hiromasa Hayashi, Yoshirou Kuromitsu, Noriyuki Kuwano

Abstract: Al circuit substrates, which are composed of a sintered AlN plate and pure Al plate joined to both sides of the AlN plate, are used for...

Authors: G. Pantazopoulos, Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, D.C. Papamantellos

Abstract: In the present paper, the investigation on low ductility failures occurred to ETP copper strips and connectors manufactured from cold...

Authors: Paulo Rangel Rios, Gláucio Soares Fonseca

Abstract: Grain boundary pinning by particles is widely used to prevent grain growth during heat treatment in a variety of commercial alloys. Its...

Authors: Zbigniew L. Kowalewski, Tadeusz Szymczak

Abstract: The paper presents experimental results of investigations carried out on the P91 steel and 2024 aluminium alloy under complex stress states...

Authors: Ralf Kolleck, Robert Veit

Abstract: In general hot stamped car body parts show a uniform strength distribution. Especially for safety relevant parts with high requirements...

Authors: K.G. Wang, X. Ding

Abstract: The dynamics of phase coarsening at ultra-high volume fractions is studied based on two-dimensional phase-field simulations by numerically...

Authors: Yoichi Yamashita, Fumiyoshi Minami

Abstract: This paper studied the assessment method for welding residual stress effects and constraint loss effects on brittle fracture of structural...


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