Optoelectronic Materials

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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.663-665

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Authors: Yu Heng Zhang, Yin An Fang, Duan Zheng Yao

Abstract: Metal nanoparticles are well-known to exhibit a strong interaction with light, which have very important applications and one of them,...

Authors: Jia Yue Sun, Zhen Xing Liu, Hai Yan Du

Abstract: A new electron trapping materials (ETM) SrS: Eu2+, Dy3+, which was prepared by the method of high temperature solid-state reaction. The...

Authors: Qing Xuan Yang, Xiao Guang Fu, Xiao Jun Wang

Abstract: Novel single-phase Ca2-xBO3Cl:xDy3+ phosphors were synthesized at 900 oC in an activated carbon reducing atmosphere, and their luminescent...

Authors: Heng Kang Qiu, Yue Shen, Lin Jun Wang, Jian Cheng Zhang, Kai Feng Qin

Abstract: For the purpose of investigating the factors induced the non-band-edge excitation optical properties of water-soluble CdSe semiconductor...

Authors: Zhen Hua Liang, Yu Zhi Feng, Xiao Xia Liu, Gui Hua Peng

Abstract: CaMoO4: Eu3+ red phosphors were synthesized by co-precipitation method with H3BO3 as an additive and the relationship between H3BO3 doping...

Authors: Tao Lin, Nan Lin, Lian Bi Li, Chen Yang, Hong Bin Pu, Zhi Ming Chen

Abstract: By means of SEM, TEM, UV-VIS optical transmission spectra and photoluminescence spectra tests, hetero-epitaxial defects and optical...

Authors: Voranuch Somsongkul, Atchana Wongchaisuwat, Attera Worayingyong, Marisa Arunchaiya

Abstract: Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) is considered as the next generation low cost photovoltaic device, and one of the important components is...

Authors: Li Qiang Zheng, Alan Mathewson, Brendan O'Flynn, Michael Hayes, Cian O'Mathuna

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of the substrate on wireless sensor network (WSN) node’s RF performance is studied experimentally by using...

Authors: Hui Huang, Zhong Cheng Guo, Ju Kang Li, Bu Ming Chen

Abstract: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) has been employed to investigate the protonation degree of polyaniline doped with sulfosalicylic acid...

Authors: Yun Qing Zhou, Jian Ming Yao, Ling Min Kong, Rui Wang

Abstract: The evolution operator method is applied to studying the time-dependent and spin-related electron transport through a magnetic quantum dot...


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