Advanced Powder Technology VII

Volumes 660-661

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, S.L.G. Petroni, M.S.M. Paula, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo, Eduardo T. Galvani

Abstract: The titanium alloys are used for applications that demand high performance, including surgical implants and aerospace applications. Powder...

Authors: Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, T.G. Lemos, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo, Julia Faria, Eduardo T. Galvani

Abstract: Titanium nitride (TiN) is an extremely hard material, often used as a coating on titanium alloy, steel, carbide, and aluminum components to...

Authors: Oscar Olimpio de Araújo Filho, Maurício David Martins das Neves, Cezar Henrique Gonzalez, U.S.L. Filho, Francisco Ambrozio Filho

Abstract: The processing of a molybdenum AISI M2 high speed steel with the addition of NbC (6% in mass) by a Powder Metallurgy technique of Mechanical...

Authors: G.C. Nascimento, D.M. Cechinel, R. Piletti, Erlon Mendes, M.M.S. Paula, Humberto Gracher Riella, M.A. Fiori

Abstract: The minerals powders are much applied on polymeric materials to better its properties and to promote new applications. The rice husk ash...

Authors: Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro, Juan Alfredo Guevara Carrió, Terezinha Jocelen Masson, C.D. Abreu, I.M. Marques, L.C.E. da Silva

Abstract: The aim of this article was to analyze the microstructural development in samples of Cu-Ni-Sn alloys (weight %) obtained by powder...

Authors: Juan Alfredo Guevara Carrió, M.A. Carvalhal, L.M. Ayabe, L.C.E. da Silva, R.V. Silva Junior, Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro

Abstract: The aim of this work, using the powder metallurgy process, is to synthesize metallic alloys with high mechanical strength and high electric...

Authors: Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro, Juan Alfredo Guevara Carrió, C.R. Da Silveira, E. Vitor, S.J. Buso

Abstract: This work looked for to search out systematically, in scale of laboratory, copper-nickel-aluminum alloys (Cu-Ni-Al) with conventional powder...

Authors: Sandra Mara Santana Rocha, C.B. Vasconcelos, Luiz Gustavo Martins Vieira, M.L. Aguiar, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno

Abstract: The effective filtration area determined in a design of fabric filter depends on the filtration velocity, also known as air-to-cloth ratio...

Authors: Kaline Melo de Souto Viana, Bruno Brito Dantas, N.A.S. Nogueira, J.M. Sasaki, Normanda Lino de Freitas, Ruth Herta Goldsmith Aliaga Kiminami, Ana Cristina Figueiredo de Melo Costa

Abstract: The aim of this work is to evaluate the influence of fuel in the synthesis of ZnAl2O4 catalytic supports by combustion reaction. For this,...


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