Advanced Powder Technology VII

Volumes 660-661

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, Elisa B. Taddei, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva

Abstract: Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta alloy is considered an attractive material for implants manufacture due to an excellent combination of properties, including...

Authors: George Carlos S. Anselmo, Walman Benício de Castro, Carlos José de Araújo

Abstract: It is important to control the martensitic transformation start temperature (Ms) of Ti–Ni alloys because it determines the temperature range...

Authors: Julio César Serafim Casini, Lia Maria Carlotti Zarpelon, Eliner Affonso Ferreira, Hidetoshi Takiishi, Rubens Nunes de Faria Jr.

Abstract: The preparation of negative electrodes for nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries using a La0.7Mg0.3Al0.3Mn0.4Co0.5Ni3.8 alloy in the...

Authors: Eliner Affonso Ferreira, Lia Maria Carlotti Zarpelon, Julio César Serafim Casini, Hidetoshi Takiishi, Rubens Nunes de Faria Jr.

Abstract: A nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery has been prepared using a La0.7Mg0.3Al0.3Mn0.4Co0.5Ni3.8 alloy as the negative...

Authors: A.R.M. Castro, Hidetoshi Takiishi, Rubens Nunes de Faria Jr., Nelson Batista de Lima

Abstract: The crystallographic alignment of various permanent magnets has been investigated by X-ray pole figure analysis. Attempts have been made to...

Authors: H.C.P. Oliveira, L.H.F. Borges, Rômulo Crespo Tardim, M.S. Freitas, Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, Marcello Filgueira

Abstract: Nanometric powders of WC with 10 weight% Co were mixed in high-energy mill. Compaction was performed at 200MPa and processed by the...

Authors: G.V. Martins, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva, C.A. Nunes, Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, L.A. Borges, João Paulo Barros Machado

Abstract: Alfa/beta titanium alloys have been intensely used for aerospace and biomedical applications. Production of powder metallurgy titanium...

Authors: M.Ramirez Valverde, José Renato Coury, José Antônio Silveira Gonçalves

Abstract: In recent years, many computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies have appeared attempting to predict cyclone pressure drop and collection...

Authors: C.T. Kniess, P.B. Prates, J.C. de Lima, N.C. Kuhnen, Humberto Gracher Riella, A.M. Maliska

Abstract: Ceramic materials have properties defined by their chemical and micro-structural composition. The quantification of the crystalline phases...

Authors: Rosa Maria da Rocha, Francisco Cristóvão Lourenço de Melo

Abstract: The effect of three different sintering additive systems on densification of boron carbide powder was investigated. The sintering additives...


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