Advanced Powder Technology VII

Volumes 660-661

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tarcila Sugahara, L.A.N.S. Briguente, L.M. Yogi, Danieli A.P. Reis, Carlos de Moura Neto, M.J.R. Barboza, Antônio Augusto Couto

Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the resistance of a Ti-6Al-4V alloy in creep after heat treatments. It was used a Ti-6Al-4V alloy in...

Authors: Eduardo Nunes, Ivan Gilberto Sandoval Falleiros

Abstract: It has been studied a steam treatment process in an industrial continuous furnace for sintered iron parts in a temperature range varying...

Authors: G. de Vasconcelos, Gabriela N.P. da Costa, Daniele C. Chagas, Carina Barros Mello, Erica F. Antunes

Abstract: This study investigate the laser surface hardening in tool steel, avoiding the high reflectivity of the metal to the CO2 radiation by...

Authors: Humberto Molinar Henrique, Priciane Martins Parreira

Abstract: Phosphogypsum or chemical gypsum is a by-product generated in the manufacture of phosphoric acid, generated in the proportion of 4 to 6 tons...

Authors: Lygia Maestri Kimura, Larissa Cardoso Santos, Paula Fraga Vieira, Priciane Martins Parreira, Humberto Molinar Henrique

Abstract: The use of biomass for energy generation has aroused great attention and interest because of the global climate changes, environmental...

Authors: J.C.R. Muniz, M.C.A. Silva, Claudemiro Bolfarini, M.D.C. Sobral

Abstract: Fe-6.5%Si alloy spray formed has the Curie temperature variation measured as a function of the parameters process. In this work the magnetic...

Authors: T. Mendes, S.C. Silva, E.A. Périgo, Rubens Nunes de Faria Jr., Hidetoshi Takiishi

Abstract: An evaluation of the effect of alloying elements on the microstructure and magnetic properties of Pr15FebalCo8B7Nb0.05Mx (M = Cu, P, Gd and...

Authors: Marcos Flavio de Campos, José Adilson de Castro

Abstract: In magnets based in phases with high magnetocrystalline anisotropy like Nd2Fe14B or SmCo5 there is a competition between magnetostatic...

Authors: Marcos Flavio de Campos

Abstract: Sintered NdFeB magnets typically exhibit grain size above 2 micrometers, a value above the single domain particle size (~0.3 micrometers)....

Authors: Marcos Flavio de Campos, José Adilson de Castro

Abstract: Rare earth transition metals magnets, as for example SmCo5, NdFeB and Sm(CoCuFeZr)z magnets are, very often, submitted to a post-sintering...


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