Advanced Powder Technology VII

Volumes 660-661

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tsutomu Sonoda, Kiyotaka Katou

Abstract: The deposition of copper onto acrylic resin powder in its self-convective motion by magnetron DC sputtering was examined in order to prepare...

Authors: Humberto Molinar Henrique, Larissa Cardoso Santos, Priciane Martins Parreira

Abstract: Milk of lime is used in the sugar industry for pH correction and as auxiliary of flocculation in bleaching of the sugar solution. Despite...

Authors: Rodrigo Tecchio Antonello, Oscar Olimpio de Araújo Filho, Cezar Henrique Gonzalez, U.S.L. Filho, Francisco Ambrozio Filho

Abstract: The aim of this work is to obtain and characterize the Niobium Carbide (NbC) by a suitable high energy milling technique using a SPEX Mill...

Authors: D.A. Santos, I. Petri Junior, Marcos A.S. Barrozo, Claudio Roberto Duarte

Abstract: This article aims to assess the influence of the way of simulating monoparticles as just monoparticles or as a mixture of particles, the...

Authors: Maurício David Martins das Neves, Luzinete Pereira Barbosa, Luís Carlos Elias da Silva, Olandir Vercino Correa, Isolda Costa

Abstract: Stainless steel (SS) powders are used in the preparation of sintered SS products. One of the applications of sintered SS products is as...

Authors: A.B.C. Arnt, Márcio Roberto da Rocha, F. Costa da Silva

Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the behavior of thermally sprayed coatings with the HVOF technique (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel), subject to...

Authors: Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, Marcello Filgueira, Sérgio Neves Monteiro, Rômulo Crespo Tardim

Abstract: In the rock-drilling industry, double layer polycrystalline diamond-hardmetal (Dia-HM) inserts for cutting tools are subjected to elevated...

Authors: Rômulo Crespo Tardim, Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, Sérgio Neves Monteiro, Ana Lúcia Diegues Skury, Marcello Filgueira

Abstract: The present work comprises a study about the possibility of obtaining polycrystalline diamond cutters through a novel method of sintering...

Authors: Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, William Silva Vianna, Ana Lúcia Diegues Skury, Sérgio Neves Monteiro, Rômulo Crespo Tardim

Abstract: The technologies of superhard materials production, including those for industrial synthesis of diamond and cubic boron nitride at high...

Authors: Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, Ana Lúcia Diegues Skury, Marcello Filgueira, Sérgio Neves Monteiro, Rômulo Crespo Tardim

Abstract: Inserts of drill bits used in perforation of wells are employed to cut many different kinds of stone. The material that shows the best...


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