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Authors: Sung Hwan Kim, Yae Sol Kim, Hee Gon Bang, Sang Yeup Park
Abstract:In this study, we intend to synthesize the new bio-glass composition with fluoride additions, such as CaF2 and MgF2, instead of Na2O in...
Authors: Byung Heum Song, Ye Lim Kim, Si Young Chang
Abstract:Pure Mg, binary Mg-5.6wr%Al, Mg-1.0wt%Si and Mg-7.5wt%Zn alloys were coated by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) method, and their wear...
Authors: Si Young Chang, Ye Lim Kim, Byung Heum Song, Jae Ho Lee
Abstract:Ceramic coatings were synthesized on pure Mg and binary Mg-7.1wt%Al alloy by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) technique, and the effect...
Authors: Jong Ho Lee, Hyung Seon Choi, Yong Soo Jeong, Choong Soo Chi, Han Jun Oh
Abstract:The anodic titania nanotubular films for photocatalyst were synthesized by anodic oxidation in HF electrolyte, and the photocatalytic...
Authors: Kyu Suk Han, Tae Gyung Ko
Abstract:We report the observation of the carbon nanostructures simply obtained from the sol-gel process using zirconium alkoxide with subsequent...
Authors: Yong Jun Oh, Jung Seok Ra, Ui Gil Lee
Abstract:The epitaxial growth conditions of CeO2 and Y2O3 single buffer layers on textured Ni tapes were examined using rf magnetron sputtering, and...
Authors: Z. X. Yang, Sang Heum Youn, Kyu Hong Hwang, Jong Kook Lee, B.S. Jun, Hwan Kim
Authors: Yoon Suk Kim, Sung Ho Lee, Kyung Sub Lee, Yong Chae Chung
Abstract:The electronic structure and defect states of 6.25% transition metal (TM = Fe and Co) doped rutile titanium dioxide were investigated by ab...
Authors: Young Min Choi, Jong Ung Kim, Beyong Hwan Ryu, Hyun Ju Chang, Chung Heop Kwak, In Ho Kim
Abstract:In general, Electrostatic chuck (ESC) was used to fix and clamp the silicon wafer with electrostatic force in the semiconductor fabrication...
Authors: Hui Jeong Son, Tak Hyoung Lim, Dong Ryul Shin, Rak Hyun Song, Sung Hyun Kim
Abstract:The effect of ScSZ - YSZ composite on stabilization and electrical conductivity has been investigated. Composite of...
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