Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tak Hyoung Lim, Gil Yong Lee, Dong Hyun Peck, Rak Hyun Song, Dong Ryul Shin

Abstract: The characteristics of La0.8Sr0.05Ca0.15CrO3 interconnect material synthesized by modified pechini method, USP, and GNP was investigated....

Authors: Jae Chun Lee, Hyuk Chon Kwon, Young Pil Kwon, Ju Hyeon Lee, Sung Park

Abstract: For the sealing of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), mid-term (~1,000 h) sealing performance was examined using composite seals prepared with...

Authors: Myung Hyun Lee, Choong Hwan Jung, Sang Jin Lee

Abstract: Highly sinterable lithium titanate (Li2TiO3) powder was fabricated by an organic-inorganic solution route. Liquid-type ethylene glycol (EG)...

Authors: Jae Sung Park, Young Ho Han

Abstract: Effects of MgO coating on electric properties of BaTiO3 have been studied in terms of microstructural development and substitution of Mg...

Authors: Ji Whan Ahn, Jung Ah Kim, Kwang Suk You, Hwan Kim, Hee Chan Cho, Im Chan Lee

Abstract: Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) is obtained through three processes; that of calcination, hydration, and carbonation. Thus, changes in...

Authors: Junichi Matsushita, Geum Chan Hwang, Kwang Bo Shim

Abstract: The oxidation behavior of tantalum diboride (TaB2) powder at high temperature was investigated in order to determine the possibility of the...

Authors: Young Mi Jung, Sang Woo Kim

Abstract: The microwave-assisted combustion synthesis as a route to obtain ultrafine α-alumina and magnesium aluminate composite powders starting...

Authors: Hyeon Pyo Jeon, Youn Kyu Choi, Sang Woo Kim, Duck Kyun Choi

Abstract: This paper describes examines the non-linearity of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) with new equivalent circuits. The electric charge...

Authors: Sang Woo Kim, Shin Young Kim

Abstract: The effect of phase transformation and fine particle dispersion on densification behavior of high purity nanocrystalline alumina was...

Authors: Seung Yul Lee, Byung Hyun Ahn, Chang Kwon Moon

Abstract: The effect of various environmental conditions on durability of E-glass fiber/vinylester resin composites has been investigated with...


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